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    Welcome to the Henry County Sheriff’s Office App. The app is designed to help improve the communication and relationship of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office and our community. This App is intended to provide the community with real time information about crime, accidents or events currently happening in Henry County and in the Henry County School System. As you browse through the app, you will find many interactive features and links to important information and events.


    The Henry County Sheriff’s Office has a free mobile App for smart phones intended to deliver real-time updates about crime or community events. The app provides access to many Sheriff’s Office functions and contacts. It is available free at on-line App stores for I-phone and Android products.

    Although the app provides most of the common topics available through the Sheriff’s website, it also includes features that are unavailable on the website. The principal of these new features is an “alert” function. Those who sign up for Sheriff’s Office alerts will receive timely text message alerts for issues specific to Henry County.

    The Sheriff’s Office provides the School Resource Officers for Henry County Schools. Therefore should an incident occur in, or in close proximity to, any of the public schools a message will be generated. Sheriff McBrayer commented, “Anytime there is a lockdown at a school it creates a great deal of anxiety for parents and if they aren’t kept informed it can be concerning. Our goal is to notify parents of the location, level of the concern and to keep them updated”.

    The Sheriff explained the difference between a “soft lockdown” and a “hard lockdown”. He explained that if there has been an unlawful act committed within the proximity of a school a “soft lockdown” is initiated. This generally means that law enforcement is in the area dealing with a situation that does not directly involve the school. A hard lockdown is implemented when there is an immediate need for law enforcement at a school”.

    Other real-time features available in the palm of your hand include the contact information for School Resource Officers and the Sheriff’s Command Staff, a Confidential Tips Hot Line, Most Wanted information, Inmate search, sex offender information, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and a “Where Am I” button to help you identify your current location. There are also links to the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page and website.

    Sheriff McBrayer added, “If you need to know, get your information straight from the Sheriff’s Office App”. The app is available to download for free at Google Play for androids and The Apple App Store for I-phones.