• Directions: 

    1) Please play:
            a. 'Compose a Song'
            b.  At least one 'Music Alphabet' game
            c.  and One Instrument  or  One Mood Catcher game

    2) Once you have done that, you may work on 'Google Chrome Lab' or the various 'Music Game Activities' 


    Compose a Song

    1) Go to Compose A Song and create a 4 measure composition
    2) Play the song. 
    3) Show the teacher


    Alphabet Games

    Choose one game below to play: 

    Note Name Game - write down how many words you got correct

    Whack A Note Game - write down each level score then write your total score  when you reach level 5

    Treble Note Names Game - Play the game at least 2 times and write down both scores. Circle your top score. 

    Note Challenge - Play until you get at least a score of 200

    Word Warrior Game - Write down your score from the bottom left corner. 



    Instrument Match - Write down your high score. 


    Rhythm Trainer 

    http://www.therhythmtrainer.com/ - Select MODE B. Select FAST tempo. Select notes "Ta, ti-ti, and rest". Complete 40 questions and write down your score. 


    Star Catcher

    Star Catcher - click on the songs selection and choose the one you like. Play "Star Catcher". Try to catch all the stars as the music plays. Write down your score. 


    ***once you have done the above activities, you may play the following games***



    Google Chrome Lab 

    Various Online Music Activities

    New York Philharmonic Music Games

    Isle of Tune - similar to Sims