• Growth Mindset - Why MCE Believes Our Mindset is Key!


    Carol Dweck, Ph.D, Standford University Professor, is one of the leading researchers in intelligence and motivation. She's discovered that our mindset is key in whether or not we persevere and are motivated in the face of challenges and mistakes. Her research supports the belief that our brains and intelligence are not fixed, as once believed, but rather, with the right mindset, we can "grow our brains, learn from our mistakes, and even thrive when facing challenges. 




    Mt. Carmel believes that a "Growth Mindset" is key in leading our students to realize:

    • Failures and mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. 
    • Our brains can grow...we can learn new things. 
    • We can choose our mindset. 
    • The power of "yet".  It's ok if we aren't there yet...because we can get there. 
    • A "Growth Mindset" is important for student agency... goal setting, monitoring my progress, and celebrating challenges and hard work.


    Helpful Growth Mindset Videos