Oh The Places Tage


    Dear Mt. Carmel Parents,

    Mt. Carmel Elementary School began a journey to personalize learning for our students during 2015-16 and joined Henry County Schools’ Personalized Learning Cohort 2016.  This process began with our Personalized Learning design team’s redesign and development of a Personalized Learning Plan consisting of input from faculty, staff, parents, and students and adopting the theme “Oh The P.L.A.C.E.S. (Personalized Learning through Authentic, Collaborative and Empowering Student experiences) We Will Go”.  As we gathered feedback from our stakeholders, the desire has been and continues to be to create dynamic, collaborative classroom environments where students take a more active role in their learning through increased student agency, data-driven differentiated small-group instruction, increased student choice in learning experiences, and the opportunity for students to set goals and monitor their own progress utilizing a growth mindset. Learning targets are clearly identified and students understand what it is they should know and be able to demonstrate to show mastery of competencies and/or standards. While teachers continue to facilitate, learning is more student-centered rather than teacher-centered.

    Our goal is to develop 21st Century Learners, who are equipped to think critically, communicate, collaborate, and express creativity in their learning experiences and in the world in which they live. We believe the ideal Mt. Carmel graduate should not only develop academically, but physically, socially and emotionally as well. All students should have equitable opportunities to participate in rigorous, relevant, and authentic learning experiences as they utilize technology not only to master content, but to transform the way in which they showcase their learning and mastery of the competencies and/or standards.

    It is a pleasure to serve as Mt. Carmel’s Instruction & Personalized Learning Lead (IPLL) to support our instructional goals and learning efforts. We look forward to your continued support along this educational journey and welcome your involvement, feedback, and questions along the way as we seek to Motivate, Challenge, and Empower our students to be college, career, and life ready.

    With gratitude,

    Belinda Mewbourne, Ed.S.                                                                                                      

    Instruction & Personalized Learning Lead, IPLL