• The week of Monday July 31st through Friday August 4th
    21st Century Skill= Communication and Critical Thinking 
    - Students will their Syllabus  which they need to read, sign, have their parents/guardians sign, and return.
    - Students will also view a Beginning of the Year PowerPoint  to meet their teachers and go over rules and expectations.
    "First Day of School" by Taylor Mali will be read, annotated (Annotation Guide), and discussed as a class. This should be turned in Tuesday 8/1.
     - Students will take a syllabus quiz.
    - Then the class will have a discussion about Symbolism  and then create name tags that represent themselves.
    - while students are working on their name tags, teachers will have individual initial conferences with them.
    - Students will be assigned into groups randomly and start a British Literature Timeline Project. They will have Progress Report 1 turned in before    leaving class on Thursday August 3rd. Progress Report 2 is due before leaving on Friday August 5th. Presentations will be given on Wednesday August 9th.
     The week of Monday August 7th through Friday August 11th
    Students will be completing their projects Monday and Tuesday
    Presentations will occur on Wednesday. While presentations occur students will be taking notes. 
    After the presentations students will have an open notes quiz.
    Students will take notes on the Anglo Saxon Time Period
    Students will begin reading Beowulf as a class. Students will need sticky notes to help them annotate by Friday August 11th.
    The week of Monday August 14th through Friday August 18th
    Students will read the first two passages of John Gardner's novel Grendel. (These can be found on Google Classroom)
    While reading students will complete exercises and critical thinking questions.
    Students will read "The Battle with Grendel" section of Beowulf.
    Then students will read the last section of Grendel and complete exercises.
    Students will finish reading and annotating Beowulf  as a class.
    Students will have notes on Beowulf.
    Students will complete a worksheet about kennings and Beowulf. Due Tuesday August 22.
    The week of Monday August 21st through Friday August 25th
    Students worked on their project.
    Students watched the 2006 film version of Beowulf.
    While viewing the film they wrote 20 discussion questions in preparation for their fish bowl, which will be held on Friday August 30th.  
    The week of Monday August 27th through Friday September 1st
    Students met with counseling on Monday.
    Alternate assignment for Beowulf fish bowl.
    Students were given a work day for their Beowulf project Tuesday.
    Wednesday projects were do at the beginning of class.
    Then students viewed a presentation on personalized learning and created class norms.
    Students recieved their first playlist.
    Unit 1 Playlist 1
    • Mini-lesson on Middle Ages, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Canterbury Tales
    • Read one of the following:

      • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight  (pgs 161-172) audio
      • “The Pardoner’s Tale” & “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”  (pgs 131-149) audio
    • Character List
    • Constructed Response