How to contact me...


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    If you ever need to get in touch with me, here are a few options:


    I read emails at the beginning and the end of the school day.  My email address is

    I can communicate on Class DOJO throughout the day.  I am also able to check DOJO during my off hours if you need to let me know something or ask a question.  This is actually the best communication type for me.

    You can send a note in your child's binder.  I will write you back - or respond through DOJO or email.

    You can call the school.  The number is 770-898-7362.  I will not be able to take calls during school hours because I am with the students.  I will return your call as soon as possible after school.

    I will have four conferences per year.  Two will be in "Student Led" and two will be Parent/Teacher Conferences.  We can set up additional conferences when/if needed.  

    (Please note that if you need to change your child's transportation, we will need a written note from you. We are not allowed to accept an email or phone call.  This is for the safety of your child.)