Fairview Basketball Team

  •  Congratulations to the students that made the team. There was a lot of very good talent and competition.

    If you did not make the team keep working hard. You can make Fairview's team or your middle school's team next year.

    Remember Michael Jordan was cut from his freshman basketball team.

     This insurance form must be filled out for each student on the basketball team...

    Insurance Form

    Practice will be held Tuesdays 245-4. After spring break we may begin practicing on Thursdays as well. Currently the dance team is using the gym to prepare for their performance at the Atlanta Hawks game. Players that are okayed with their teacher may come practice from 200-215 daily

    There will be a brief parent meeting Tuesday March 12th at 400 in front of the school during player pick up.


    2019 Fairview Basketball Team

    Andrew Edwards

    Brailen Tyler

    Edward Minor

    EJ Tripplett

    Jacoby Hendricks

    Jessie Childs

    LaKayla Helms

    Makai Owens

    Matthew Torregano

    Mikael Mills

    Rebecka Jones

    Carmela Owens

    Chaz Huffman

    Zyaire Patrick