• Graduation Requirements: 

    There is now one set of graduation requirements for all students.  There is no longer a tiered diploma type for students graduating 2013 and beyond.  All students will have the same specific core curriculum requirements, but students will have flexibility in their elective course choices to relate to their individual post-secondary plans.  Students in the state of Georgia must take the following courses to earn a diploma.


    Academic Course Requirements:


    4 years of English (9th Grade Literature & Composition and American Literature are specifically required)


    4 years of Math 


    4 years of Science

    (Biology and Physical Science/Physics are specifically required and one science must be Chemistry/Earth System/Environmental Science, or an AP course)

       *some CTAE courses can count as the 4th science credit - see a counselor for details


    3 years of Social Studies (World Geography and AP Human Geography are electives)



     Elective Requirements:


    Health and Physical Education

    ½ credit per course, one semester each in length.  Typically taken in 9th grade.


    CTAE, Fine Arts, or Modern Language

    Students must earn 3 credits, in any combination, from 1 of these 3 curriculum areas.  Students planning to attend a 4 year college or university must earn a minimum of 2 credits in a modern language.  Students planning to attend a technical college are encouraged to take at least 3 credits in a single CTAE career pathway. (See the advisement guide for CTAE programs at each high school.)



    Electives can be taken in any curriculum area.  Students planning to attend a 4 year college or university are encouraged to take at least 2 electives from academic curriculum areas.






    Promotion Indicators:  5 credits = 10th grade, 11 credits = 11th grade, 17 credits = 12th grade