Who Supports My Child?

  • We have great teachers at Impact Academy and they work closely with you as the parent and your child.  But there are other people at Impact Academy that play specific roles in supporting students.

    Advisors: Each student has a specific person at IA that watches over them and monitors how your child is doing in all courses.  The advisor’s role is to know your child and to help them navigate school in a way that leads to success.  If you have a question the advisor is your first point of contact.

    Guidance Counselor: We are fortunate at IA to have two guidance counselors.  The counselor’s work is be a listener for your child when needed. They provide advice and guidance when things are hard.  They often will gather resources to help a student.  In addition, our counselors work with students on study skills and college admission guidance.  If you have a senior, it is important they see our counselor soon and often!

    Social Worker: Sometimes times get tough and the family or the student needs additional support.  Our social work is here to help find solutions.  The social worker will also host groups where students can talk about common issues or concerns.