• Beginning   In our orientations with parents and students we always state that Impact Academy is very different from a traditional school.  IA is untraditional by design but can be hard to maneuver at first.  For this reason we require the students come to a face-to-face orientation at Impact Academy.  During the first days of enrollment at Impact Academy we expect to see the student and spend some dedicated time learning the ropes. 

    In addition, we ask that all new students attend IA café for the first two weeks.  After the two week adjustment period the student must be available to come to café at least once weekly.  Café is our face-to-face time were we build close relationships, provide academic interventions and supports as well as extend learning of the concepts taught in the online course.  It is not optional that students participate in café. 

    During this first two week adjustment period, it is really important that the student and the parent establish a schedule for when work is done at home.  Students still need some guidance in making priorities and we depend on parents to guide them in doing this.  Remember that a school day is typically 7 hours long therefore; a schedule should reflect a regular school day.  It will take at least this amount of time to complete enough school work each day to be successful.

    Lastly, make sure that you ask lots of questions as your child begins.  We are here to support you and your child.  We know that you will become accustomed to the Impact Way and feel confident in how it all works.