Cadet Leadership Camp is scheduled for June 12-19 for cadre (returning cadets) and June 14-19 for basics (first time cadets) and will take place at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton.  The cost will be $415 (cadre) and $300 (basics).  If you are planning on attending please inform instructor staff.  Additional information will be provided to all interested cadets. 

     If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to check Google Classroom to see if a new assignment was posted and you must complete the work by the due date.

    It is your respoinsiblity to make up any "Missing" assignments.  You must check Infinite Campus to see if you have any "Missing" assignments.  You have limited time to make up missed work.




    16 Apr- RESET Friday  - Military After High School - Marines Edition...0930-1040.  See Google Classroom for the link.  This is mandatory for 2nd block JROTC cadets.


    2nd-4th year cadets:  If you have any uniform issues (too small/large, missing items, etc...), please email MSgt Jensen (nathan.jensen@henry.k12.ga.us) as soon as possible.

    If you misplaced your name tag, you will need to email MSgt Jensen and bring $5 for your new name tag.  Point deductions will be taken until you have paid for your replacement.

     PT was posted on Monday.  Please complete all exercises and following the instruction for the assignment.  


    If you are having issues with your Chromebook, you must call the school and inform them.  The technology department will assist in resolving your issues.

    Click Here to set-up an appointment.


    2nd & 3rd Year Uniform Inspection - Tuesday, 13 Apr 2021.  Blues, tie/tie tab, ribbons, name tag, hat and rank. 


     I am looking for 1-2 sharp cadets to be on color guard for graduation.  If you are interested please let MSgt Cruver know.  Incentives:  Exempt from remaining uniform inspections, exempt from remaining PTs, and automatic 100 on final.