Math Websites for Teachers

    This link will take take you to the standards and expectations for your child in each grade level. These are the standards in which all Georgia teachers are expected to teach by.
    This link will take you to the glossary that has been created to better explain the mathematical terms used in the Math Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS).

    Georgia Milestone Assessment Guides 
    Background information about the Georgia Milestone Assessment, including a breakdown of standards and a practice test for each subject. 
    K-2 Technology Links for the CCGPS Frameworks
    Interactive links and summary for the technology links for the updated Georgia Frameworks 
    Units 1-3
    3 Act Task Links

    Checkpoints of Academic Progress for Parents and Students
    These documents provide a quick reference to the learning that will take place within each nine week grading period.
    This website provides organized YouTube links for every grade level, focusing on all the major concepts covered within that grade level.
    There's an App for That!
    Looking for Apps for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Tablet to help your child practice mathematics?  Henry County Schools have done some research and found some very helpful apps to students. This link will take you to a list of apps that will support mathematical understanding for grades K-12.
    A list of apps for practice at home. Most apps listed are for 4th grade and higher, but there are a few for basic computation.
    This is the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics website. NCTM website will offer you information and research to back up a variety of instructional practices so that you can make the best choice for your students.
    This website offers lessons and activities that are aligned with the NCTM Standards. These are all Standards Based lessons, much like you would have in your Frameworks. This site also offers online games and activities.
    This site provides a range of math teaching resources, math games, and hands-on math activities for K-5 teachers. This site is even aligned with out Common Core Standards!
    This site was created by an EIP teacher in Murray County, GA named Judy Reece. She has created a compilation of Flipcharts to use with the Promethean Interactive Whiteboard. This includes activities for Kindergarten through 6th grade in Math and Language Arts with a few Social Studies, Science, and Holiday Flipcharts. Best of all they are all connected to our GPS Standards!
    This site will allow you to print all the great math resources that are pictured in the back of the Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics series by John Van De Walle. These are great to use on regular copy paper, or print them out and laminate them to use multiple times. 
    Create A Graph
    This website allows students to create colorful graphs such as: bar graphs, line graphs, pie graphs, area graphs, and coordinate planes.
    This website provides the background information and resources to support the IKAN/GloSS and the Numeracy Project.
    This website allows you to search thousands of clipart images organized by subjects such as math, American history, music, etc.
    This page provides literature suggestions to connect to a variety of math concepts.