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    Certified employees who are employed 50% or more, and classified employees who are employed 60% or more, are required by state law to contribute 6% of their pay. Henry County Schools is also required to contribute an additional 21.14% per employee. 

    Because of this state required match, there is not an employer match if an employee also participates in either a Peach State Reserves 401(k) or 457 deferred compensation plan.



    TRS 2017 Annual Membership Statements Now Available Online


    Active members may now access their membership statements online via their TRS account. The statements provide valuable account information, such as an account balance, the lump-sum value of an account, estimated benefit projections, as well as beneficiary and service credit information.


    Please remind your employees that the information and projections provided in these statements are only estimates and are subject to audit and adjustment. The information contained in this statement should not be regarded as a final benefit estimate.  If a member notices a discrepancy in the information provided, he or she should contact TRS. Also, if a member is considering retiring soon, please ask him or her to contact TRS for a more detailed benefit estimate.


    Members Within 2 Years of Retirement: If a member is within 2 years of retirement (either because of his or her age or years of creditable service) we do not provide benefit projections. TRS recommends that all members nearing retirement call our office/go online to make an appointment to visit one-on-one with a retirement counselor. This meeting affords members the opportunity to bring a spouse/friend, receive benefit information specific to his or her situation, and ask questions.


    Viewing/Downloading a Statement:

    1.                  Go to www.trsga.com

    2.                  Hover over the Account Login link on the navigation bar above.

    3.                  Click Active Member in the drop down menu.

    4.                  Either login to your existing account OR sign up for an account.

    5.                  Click the Download My Annual Member Statement link on the right.

    6.                  Click the PDF link.



    Member Statement Registry: A registry, including TRS ID's, of all of your employees receiving a membership statement is located on your Employer Desktop. Members may ask you for their ID, as it is needed to log in to their account. We appreciate your assistance in providing this information and service in an effort to expedite their registering for an account. If you have any questions, please contact your Employer Services Account Representative.