How can I help at home?

    • How can you help your child at home ?
      * READ READ READ- I cannot say enough how important it is to read daily. You can take turns reading to each other, or have your child read to you every night. Find something they enjoy like comic books, magazines, or newspaper comics to read together. The more you show your child you love to read, the more they will love it. Always ask questions to make sure your child understands what is going on in the text. It is always important to comprehend what we read. 
      * Practice sight words and phonics skill words. Make it Fun!
            - create a memory game using index cards 
            - place index cards with words on them around the room and have your child hunt for the words.
              -Every word they can read they can keep. Words they don't know you keep. Winner is the person with the most word cards.
      * Review math facts- addition and subtraction to 50
            - make a matching game with index cards- write the number sentence on one set and the answers on the other set. Students can match the sets.          
            - flash cards
      * Review time- to the hour and half hour
            - buy an analog clock or use a watch. Have children read and identify dinner time, bed time, and other times during their day at home.
            - give the students a target time. If they catch the clock at that target time, if they catch the clock at that time, they get a point. If they miss it, you get the point. Play for a week.  Person with the most points each week wins.  
      * Review money- counting coins and dollars / making trades
            - if you have loose change in your pocket at the end of the day, empty it out and have your child count it. If they count it write they can keep the pennies (or other winning token you choose).
            - Have your child make trades with coins (5 pennies for 1 nickle) (2 nickels for one dime)
            (2 dimes 1 nickel for a quarter) (4 quarters for a dollar bill)