• Week of October 2 – s blends

    SPELLINGknow how to spell for test on Friday.

    scale                            spell                 scout   

    spill                              skim                 snack

    skunk                           snail                 smile   

    swam                           smoke              swell

    stamp                           sweet               stem


    Week of October 9 – y as a vowel

    SPELLING - know how to spell for test on Friday.

    why                         body                       family

    my                           only                        ready

    by                            city                         any

    July                         early                       very

    trophy                     story                       study


    Week of Oct. 16 – vowel review

    SPELLING - know how to spell for test on Friday.

    flick                             cling                yank

    lump                            smog                fresh

    rash                              treat                 mane

    soap                             fruit                 least

    pride                            mile                 speak


    Week of  Oct. 23 – /oo/

    SPELLINGknow how to spell for test on Friday.

    noon                       proof                      look

    broom                    book                       too

    tooth                      school                    who

    cartoon                  foot                         could 

    choose                   good                       knew


    Week of Oct. 30 – r-controlled vowels

    SPELLINGknow how to spell for test on Friday.

    yard                 dark                 start

    person              her                   ever

    third                first                  girl

    short                order                during

    turn                  hurt                  sure


    Week of Nov. 5 – plurals - -s/-es

    SPELLINGknow how to spell for test on Friday.

    brothers           buses               papers

    sisters              classes             things

    years                lunches            boxes

    games              axes                 wishes

    houses             dishes              dresses