• Greetings Families – It’s been a hectic month in Room 206.  I’ve been on a serious learning curve while in “catch up” mode.  I really do appreciate your patience. By now, I’ve met all the parents of the Great 8 ~ since I’m with your children every day it seems only fair that I share some of my background with you.

    I graduated from Fordham University with a degree in Communications.  After 20 years on Wall Street then aeronautic technology -  I discovered my passion through my children.  I quit my job and became a permanent substitute in a Special Needs classroom.  From substitute I moved into a parapro position to watch and learn after which I was fortunate enough to get my own classroom in Clayton County.   I have seven years of experience in classrooms designed for children with Autism.   My last class was more functional in nature, preparing students toward learning how to care for themselves ~ which is why we cover time and money on a daily basis in our room.  Understanding of those two concepts puts our children ahead of the curve as they grow and mature in their life skills.   In May, my certification should be compete and my Masters in Special Education should be in my hands shortly after that. 

    My partner in teaching is Mrs. Greenlee. She is familiar with your children and most definitely – my right hand in our classroom. While I am charting the course, she is the one getting us there.  Mrs. Greenlee has ten years experience in the Special Education classroom.   We are mothers of three and five respectively.  We teach with love, discipline, compassion, consistency and (need we say it?) – repetition…ALWAYS!   According to the mantra of CIE we encourage them to think and handle themselves like the leaders we are developing them to be.