An all-in-one solution at HMS opening up pathways for STEM education for Hampton middle school learners!



    Intelitek’s Exploring Robotics program provides an easy-to-implement solution for delivering early engagement and discovery of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topics for middle school students. Topics are perfect for 9-week programs and implementation is a snap.  Exploring Robotics includes everything needed out of the box, ready to use including the VEX IQ Super Kit and Intelitek’s easyC v5 programming software. You can choose flexible packages based on your class size.

    Exploring Robotics can open up unlimited possibilities for middle school students!

    Quality components for STEM education tailored for middle school classrooms

    EasyC® robotic programming software

    Designed with the student and teacher in mind, easyC provides the perfect robotic programming software for the classroom using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. easyC quickly enables you to produce functional programs quickly while also learning concepts of programming. The simple-to-use graphical interface creates all the syntax and spacing allowing you to focus on program flow and design. Embedded tutorials and sample projects enable users of all ability levels to effectively program motors, integrate sensors, and implement advanced coding conditions and functions within a short period of time. The easyC Software features flexible perpetual or annual licensing options for your specific classrooms needs.

    VEX® IQ Robotics platform

    VEX IQ offers students an exciting platform and all-encompassing introduction to STEM education. Content and programming software are bundled with the VEX IQ Super Kit (p/n 228-2500) containing intuitive snap-together components allowing unlimited student creativity. VEX is the most classroom-friendly platform for robotics instruction with safe components in easily managed kits – perfect for team activities.