We have to communicate!

  • Please know that my goal is to be as responsive to you as possible and maintain as flexible a schedule as possible to allow you to work at your pace and the times that you choose.  This is an important aspect of Impact Academy to me and I want to accommodate everyone to my best ability.  In the spirit of this, I want to share some tips for contacting me for quickest response.  I monitor texts except when I'm sleeping and will respond to you as fast as possible when I am working.  I work a lot outside of "regular school hours" so you may hear from me if you text me outside school hours but I can't guarantee it.  I do guarantee that I will answer your texts as fast as I can in the order received and in order of importance, so feel free to text me outside school hours.  I do the same with school emails.  My SIS emails do not come to my school or personal mailbox.  I don't receive notifications that I've received SIS emails.  I check this box once or twice daily on school days, just like we ask you to do.  So, you can expect quicker response from texts first and school email second.  If you do not have a phone, you can set up a google voice account that will allow you to text your teachers IF your parents or guardians allow you to do this.  Please get their permission first.  You DO NOT need to text to communicate with your teachers but please know that this is usually the fastest way to reach us.  Different teachers have different policies about returning texts.  Please check with your teacher if you have questions about their policies.  Also, please note that on Cafe days and during our webinar times, we must prioritize the students sitting in front of us who are attending study cafe or webinars for help or for live lessons.  I understand that everyone can't attend every cafe or webinar session but if you do, you expect to get help and we want to provide that help as expediently as possible.  So, teachers generally aren't as available via text, phone, email or webinar on their cafe days.  You can still contact me on cafe days but I may not be able to respond as quickly as I can on non-cafe days.
    I hope this clarification has helped regarding communication with me.  I want to help everyone and I work hard to communicate as effectively as possible.  Please know it is NEVER my intention to ignore anyone and I do not mind if you retext or email me if you feel you haven't received a timely response.  Like you, I have a lot of information coming at me and I am human and miss things from time to time.