• Personalized Learning  Kindergarten – 2nd Grades

    Students in grades K-2 will work collaboratively with the teacher to set short and long term goals based on data from a variety of sources.  Students will have authentic learning experiences that will enhance the students’ interaction with and understanding of the curriculum.  Learning will become relevant, and students will share their knowledge with their peers and the community.   Students will also become familiar with technology tools and will use these tools to build 21st century skills.  Student agency will be intertwined in the curriculum to build ownership of learning, as well as student interest.  We will have two multi-age classrooms where a team of teachers will work with students regardless of age, to meet them at their stage of learning and take them to their highest potential.



    Personalized Learning 3rd - 5th Grades

    Students in grades 3-5 will work with their teachers to set short term and long term

    goals based on data from a variety of sources.  These students will also participate in authentic learning activities, having real and meaningful opportunities to apply their knowledge in a collaborative environment.  Students will learn through a variety of modalities including face-to-face instruction and technology based instruction.  Small group instruction will be utilized to monitor students' progress, as well as remediate and accelerate students, as necessary.  Students will self-assess and monitor their own progress alongside the teacher and determine their modality of learning through the choices provided within the learning plan. Student agency will be an integral component of student learning.