• A ELMS Student Celebrates Unity

                                                                                             Unity Through The  Solar Eclipse 


              On August 21st at approximately 2:36pm, I gathered in the field with my homeroom class to witness history in the making. I placed my special protective glasses over my eyes in anticipation of what I would soon see. I looked up in the sky and gasped. The solar eclipse was such an amazing and picturesque sight. This was a once in a life time experience for me and my classmates.  I could not help but notice how peaceful it was and how everyone was paying such close attention to the solar eclipse.


     I thought about how at this time in the world, that there was no fighting, no hate, no missiles shooting from one county to the next, and no terrorist attacks. The solar eclipse was the only time when everyone was brought together. There was lots of excitement, unity and peace for everyone. There should be a solar eclipse everyday! The solar eclipse shouldn't be the only time when everyone is brought together, it should be like this all the time. We need more love and peace in the world, not hatred, just peace!


    By: Mary Rozier 6th Grade Student at ELMS










Last Modified on August 30, 2017