• Henry County Schools’ Title I Office along with its Title I Schools invites you to participate in your school’s 2017-2018 “Charting Our Journey” Initiative. 



      What is it? 

    “Charting Our Journey” is a Parent Involvement initiative that will acknowledge the dedication of  parents who make being involved in their child’s education a top priority.  We understand that parents may often sacrifice time from work and other important tasks to participate in the various events at their child’s school related to being an involved parent.  



    What do I have to do?

    The great thing about this initiative is that you do not have to do anything other than continue to be involved in your child’s education!  Your child's school will identify various meetings, events, and workshops that will allow you to earn credit or “footprints” towards your journey.  You will need at least 6 footprints in order to be invited to the “Charting Our Journey” celebration that will occur at the district level in the Spring.


    When do I start?

     The program starts NOW!

    Look for upcoming Title I events and workshops at your child’s school        

    that have the “Charting Our Journey” logo.       

    When you attend that event, you will earn credit.                                                                  


    What if I cannot attend all of the workshops?

    Your school will offer multiple opportunities to earn credit.  There will also be some district level events that are eligible for credit towards your school’s Charting our Journey initiative.


    For more information, please contact your school’s Parent Involvement Professional, Ms. Campbell at (770)474-8265 or channell.campbell@henry.k12.ga.us 


Last Modified on August 25, 2017