• 3/20/18  What is the difference between being a critical thinker and a problem solver?  Is there any difference?  If so, what? Ellaborate.

    3/15/18  (current events) How to you plan to positively make a change on the Eagle's Landing campus?

    3/9/18 Q & A check

    3/8/18  (Career)  Why are professional websites making a better impact than business cards?  Read the following to develop your thoughts:



    3/6/18  (Career)  Should everyone go to college? Who should?  Who should not? Support your claim in five or more sentences.  

    2/27/18  (Career)  What are the keys to a successful interview?

    2/16/18  Q&A check:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSewfluSkwgM9MAc19rIk1fAPDlmtACVjY8lVg-1fEf4NNFnZA/viewform?usp=sf_link


    2/13/18 (Career)  How can I make sure to give myself the best opportunity to get an interview?

    2/8/18 (Career)  What is a resume?  What are the two main types of resume?

    1/30/18  (Career)  What are your top two career matches from the career interest inventory assessment?  What is the future career outlook for each?

    1/26/18  Q&A Check 9

    1/25/18  (Career) What is an elevator speech?  Give your personal example.

    1/23/18  (Interview questions: Career)  How would your best friends describe you?  How would your teachers describe you?  Highlight your personality and work ethic.

    1/11/18 (Career)  What is your plan for your first job?  (if you already work, what is your goal for your next job?)  How will this help you with your career objectives?

    1/9/18  (Personal goals)  How will you be more successful this semester than last?  Speak to your habits and your plans.

    12/7/17  (Not-so-common interview questions)  If you could be an animal, what would you like to be and why?

    12/5/17  (Common Interview Questions)  Describe a difficult situation you experienced at work or school and how you handled it.

    11/30/17  (Common Interview Questions)  How do other people describe you?  (how do your friends, teachers, or previous employers describe you?)

    11/28/17  (Common Interview Questions)  Where do you see yourself in five years?  In ten years?

    11/17/17  Q&A Check 7

    11/16/17  (Kindness week)  How can you show kindness in the workplace while still being professional?

    11/14/17  (Digital Citizenship)  What is digital citizenship?  Include an example of being responsible with your digital citizenship and an example of being irresponsible with your digital citizenship.

    11/3/17  Q&A Check 6

    11/2/17  (Workplace skill:  teamwork)  Last night a new world champion was crowned in Major League Baseball's World Series as the Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Who do you feel is the best team ever (in or outside of sports)?  What do you think made this team so good?

    10/31/17  Happy Halloween!  On this day known for dress up and costumes, describe what the appropriate professional attire is for the workplace.  Does it depend on what type of job you have?

    10/26/17  Read up on the new concept of Amazon Key:  http://money.cnn.com/2017/10/25/technology/business/amazon-key-delivery/index.html  


    What do think about this new business concept?  Summarize the idea of the Amazon Key in your summary.


    10/24/17  What is critical thinking?  Give an exmaple of a time in school when you used critical thinking skills.  Give an example of a time outside of school when you used critical thinking.

    10/20/17  Q&A Check 5

    10/19/17  What is Cystic Fibrosis?  If you were in charge of organizing a campaign to raise money for a charity how would you do it?  (Your first period is competing in a competition to see which first period can raise the most by October 31st.)

    10/17/17  Why do you believe that some people do not reach goals they have set for themselves?  What interventions would you suggest?

    10/12/17  How do you define success and how will you know whether or not you are successful?

    10/6/17  Q&A Check 4

    10/5/17  (Workplace skill:  communication)  List five examples of times that you used non-verbal communication in the last week.

    10/3/17  (Workplace skill:  communication)  How can you make someone who feels underappreciated start to believe that he or she is valuable again?

    9/28/17  (Workplace skill:  communication)  What do you think is the best approach to handling a disagreement?

    9/26/17  List five tips for creating a well organized, professional website.

    9/8/17  Q&A Check 3

    9/5/17  What is synergy and how does it relate to teamwork?

    8/31/17  Another foundational component of the "SkillsUSA Framework;" integrity.  Find a quote about integrity by doing a quick google search.   Type the quote and answer this question...What does integrity mean to you?

    8/29/17  Answer these two discussion questions about leadership.  Can everyone lead?  Should everyone lead?