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    Yearbook Team

    Thank you for your interest in applying for Timber Ridge Elementary School’s Yearbook Staff. This is an exciting opportunity for students who are interested in publishing a yearbook. Because the interest in this opportunity is high and the work is demanding, we have set requirements for the students who will be chosen to be members of the team.  Being a member of the Yearbook Club is a lot of work!  Read this information carefully with your family before deciding to complete the application.

    • Activities: Students will take part in creating the yearbook by taking photographs of during and after-school events, interviewing students for stories, quotes and polls, and assisting in planning the overall design of the yearbook. This experience will allow for opportunities of leadership, team work, and creativity across grade levels. Students do not need to own a camera to participate, but they do need to have frequent access to their own digital camera, smart phone, or tablet with a camera. Only 5th graders will be able to participate in Yearbook Team. 

    • Yearbook Team requires dedicating time before, during, and after school.  Because most photos will be taken during school hours, Yearbook Team members will need permission to miss recess time on occasion to interview students and take photos.  We will also meet on Tuesday mornings at 7:10. Each Yearbook Team member will be responsible for photographing and interviewing one TRE club after school on that club’s meeting day.   As the deadline (January 27th) gets closer, more meetings may be required. Assignments: Many of the assignments that will be handed out will require work during the school day. I will coordinate these assignments with your teacher, which means club members will have to maintain the work and behavior standards set forth by their classroom teacher in order to receive time for their yearbook projects. Poor work habits in the classroom may result in suspension from club activities. 

    • Students must exhibit good behavior as outlined in the Henry County Schools Student Handbook. Being a part of the yearbook club staff is a privilege.  Those who make poor choices will be replaced by students on the waiting list.  

    • Students must submit at least one piece of photography with people in the pictures that they have taken themselves. At least one piece of photography must be submitted to Mrs. Brewton (please, no selfies).  These pictures should be emailed from the student’s Henry County email address to show that students have the necessary skills to not only take a clear picture, but also the knowledge to share photos.  

    • It is recommended, but not required that a student have access to the internet and computer at home to access the yearbook online program. Students are responsible for keeping up with their username and password and for uploading photos by the required deadline.  Students will be REQUIRED to attend our first training with a Jostens Yearbook Representative. Mr. Felis will help students learn the online yearbook program. 

    Meeting all requirements does not guarantee a student a position on the Yearbook Staff due to a limited amount of students that will be placed on staff. If you believe you have the qualities described above, please complete the online application, along with having your parent sign the parent letter and having a teacher recommend you for the club. You could become a Yearbook Staff Member!

    To apply, you must submit a completed application packet (parent approval, teacher recommendation, online application & email) to Mrs. Brewton, the Yearbook Advisor, by Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019. Use this link https://goo.gl/forms/KdklGC7PTPEXY8pc2 , visit Mrs. Brewton’s webpage, or scan this QR code to access the online application. 


    Again, thank you for your interest!

    Mrs. Brewton

    Yearbook Club Sponsor, 


    arrow Download this letter, the parent permission slip, and teacher recommendation form here.