Work-Based Learning

  • Work-Based Learning (WBL) represents the pinnacle of the Career-Related Education experience. There are several opportunities for students to participate in Work-Based Learning. These opportunities include Cooperative Education, Internship, Youth Apprenticeship, and Clinical Experiences. 

    Students must have a defined pathway in order to participate. This is especially important for the successful application of a student’s pathway because each job placement is directly related to the curriculum of the classes completed or in which the student is currently enrolled.

    Work-Based Learning is an extension of the high school classroom learning in a non-traditional laboratory setting. It is an opportunity to apply what the student has learned in a real-world setting.

    Learn more about Georgia House Bill 402 - The Law on Worker's Compensation Insurance and Discounts for Work-Based Learning Students.

    Benefits of Work-Based Learning

    Work-Based Learning Instructors 

    Dr. Tiffany Wheeler

    Eagle’s Landing High School 


    Gail Chapman

    Luella High School


    Joey Di Nino

    Ola High School


    Deborah Gilliam

    Stockbridge High School


    Rod Pipkin

    Locust Grove High School


    Melissa Roberts

    Hampton High School


    Regina Shepard

    Academy for Advanced Studies 


    Rudolph Tabares 

    Woodland High School


    Kathy Spivey

    Union Grove High School


    Laura Kinchen

    Dutchtown High School


    For more information about Work-Based Learning (WBL) or the Youth Apprenticeship Program (YAP) in Henry County Schools, please contact Dr. Yvette Dupree at, CTAE Supervisor/ YAP Coordinator. 

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