• Students,

    I have entered assessments into Gradebook in an effort to let you and your parents know that there are assessments that you need to take as soon as you are ready (move on when ready) and have studied for the test using the Youtube videos and resources I have posted on my Google Classroom. I have given each of you (my students) the access code for Google Classroom. 
    You may retake any failed assessment as many times as you need to in order to demonstrate mastery of the material with at least an 80%. You may retake any exam as soon as you feel you are ready.
    I am encouraging you to be responsible to study and master the material as quickly as you can at your own pace, so that you will be prepared to pass the required EOC test and this course at the end of the semester to allow you to graduate in the spring on time with the rest of your classmates.

    You can view the Basic Economics PPT as a .pdf by clicking on the following link: Basic Economics.

    The Unit 1 Production Possibilities Power Point notes with the key can be viewed as a .pdf by clicking on the following link: Unit 1 Production Possibilities