• Click the link to view Austin Road Middle School's School Improvement Plan for the 2017-2018 academic school year.


    School Improvement Plan SY18


    We are ARMSTRONG!
    All scholars will learn when provided the appropriate support and resources.   Responsibility for scholar learning is shared by teachers, staff, scholars, parents, and community.   Meaningful and engaging lessons are planned and delivered to support the academic needs of all learning.   Scholar learning is priority and can be achieved by utilizing a variety of instructional strategies that support the learning process.   Technology will be utilized by scholars and teachers to support understanding of the Georgia Standards of Excellence.   Recognition of individual differences and talents are embraced and celebrated.   Opportunities for scholars to demonstrate mastery on concepts are frequent, varied, and used to guide instruction.   Needs of scholars, parents, and staff are met through continuous learning opportunities.   Goals are set by scholars in order to promote personal responsibility and to allow monitoring of progression