• SS7G6: I can explain how Water pollution and the unequal access to water impacts irrigation and drinking water.

                I can define IRRIGATION.


    1) VOCABULARY: Click the link to view vocabulary.  G5-G6 Vocabbulary

    • Record Vocabulary in the 4th section of your ISN
    • Divide the page of your ISN into 4 sections using a ruler/straight edge
    • write the term, draw a picture, define in your own words, write defintion from book or dictionary
    • Be prepared to take VOCABULARY QUIZ at the end of Unit 2
    • Practice using vocabulary in your written work when possible

    If you did not make adquate progress on the Vocabulary Quiz you must complete one of the following to retest:

    • Create a Quizlet using all terms
    • Create a Crossword puzzle using all terms with clues
    • Create flash cardss with picture, term and defintion using all terms

    Vocabulary RETEST will be given in class on Wednesday (8/30) and Thursday (8/31)


    2) THE IMPACT OF WATER IN THE MIDDLE EAST (PPT):  G6 Impacts of water on SWA


    • Read through the presentation answering ALL questions as directed in your ISN
    • Within the presentation there is an INTERVIEW with a water expert. (see teacher for unit folder)
    • Complete the GRAPHIC ORGANIZER & SUMMARIZER when directed. (see unit folder)
    • Glue interview answers, graphic organizer, and summarizer into your ISN



    Directions: Read the article "WATER A SCARCE RESOURCE IN SOOUTHWEST ASIA" (look in folder)

    • Read each question
    • Highlight where the answer is found in the text
    • MArk it the number that matches the question
    • Write the answers in your ISN (Not on Worksheet) using complete sentences.  Remenber to restate the question within your answer.
    • Glue the article onto your ISN

    3b) Watch Brainpop Video: Water Supply

    • Complete Brainpop Quiz 
    • Must make at least an 80% (2 chances)
    • Must show teacher your score before you can move on .



     If you do not make at least 85% on quiz you must complete Remediation to retest

    REMEDIATION: View video: https://www.csis.org/analysis/clear-gold-water-strategic-resource-middle-east

    • Read "Fresh water- A shrinking supply" and complete Quick Quiz
    • Must show Teacher.