Credit Recovery

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    The Georgia Credit Recovery Program

     The purpose of the Georgia Credit Recovery Program is to provide GA high school students with an opportunity to recover credit for selected courses previously attempted and failed

    GAVS Credit Recovery Eligibility Criteria

    ● Student has previously failed the course and failing grade appears on the


    ● Student must to take all unit post tests and final exams in a proctored

    environment with the credit recovery site coordinator

    ● Credit Recovery is an online computer course designed for students to complete with limited assistance from a local school monitor or teacher.

    ● Credit recovery is NOT for students who need one-on-one help, or did not get the basic understanding of the course content the first time the course was attempted.

    ● All non-EOC courses include a final exam. EOCs for required courses must be administered by the school system upon completion of the course material.


    How do I get started?

    To Create a Georgia Credit Recovery Account:

    1. Click the link below to begin creating a new Credit Recovery account.

    Create an account here

     2. Follow the step-by-step directions for creating a new account.

     3. You MUST have your GTID # in order to create a new account.

     4. Record your username and password after your account is created!

    Credit Recovery – How Do I Go To Class?

     Now that you have created an account and have been enrolled in class, follow these steps to begin your class.

    1. Log in to and log in

    2. Click on “My CR Classes”

    3. Your course will be in the upper right corner of the screen.

    4. Click on your course.

    5. Click on the “content” link.

    6. You can now see your table of contents for the course.

    7. Review the course welcome and course overview.

    8. You are now ready to take the pretest for unit one.

    9. Click on the pretest link.

    10. If you score 85% or higher, you may go directly to the unit’s post test.

    11. If you score less than 85% on the pretest, you MUST complete the entire unit BEFORE the post test link will be available.

    12. STOP before you take the post test. ALL post tests MUST be proctored by your credit recovery site coordinator.


    CR Progress Monitoring