• Syllabus for Culinary Arts all classes

    Posted by Michael Shaver on 5/31/2019

    Culinary Department Syllabus

    The above link will direct you to a copy of our syllabus. 

    Thank you for visiting. Take a look around, watch the videos, read the words and decide for yourself if this is a lifestyle you would like to pursue. 

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By Month

  • Why I became a chef, what it means to me, and what you need to know.

    Up above is a slideshow of our culinary Associates practicing their skills at our Corner Café. The café is one of our outlets. We have two other outlets that are used by our associates to refine their craft. Our catering program and a new restaurant we will open sometime next year.

    A career in hospitality and tourism is one with infinite possibilities. And out of all the professions in hospitality and tourism, that of a chef is the most recognizable.

    I became a chef because I love to cook. I want to make each day better than the last and share that with as many people as possible. As I grew up, I realized that food was at the heart of every memorable event. Food became the equalizer, referee, or the reason for people to get together, forget their differences, and get along. Hospitality is civility, food is comfort, and chefs are its caretakers.

    The career is very special to me because I am responsible for the most important personal events in anyone’s life. I am humbled and grateful for this trust.

    I know this is at the heart of every chef. This feeling is what drives us to seek perfection and to create an experience beyond compare.

    The essential skill a chef needs is the ability to communicate. Not talk but listen and process what is said. Organization and efficiency and the continual refinement of these processes are next. A successful chef embraces routine and repetition as the platform for improvement and is open to receiving criticism and skilled in delivering it. Working in culinary arts demands proficiency in mathematics and fluency in profit and loss statements.

    A career as a chef can take you anywhere in the world. All you need to do is dream it and have the courage to take that first step on your journey.