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    Course Description and Objectives

    Grade Break Down= 80% Course Work (45% Classwork/Homework/Quizzes 55% Tests/Projects/Essays)  20% Final Exam

    This course is a thematic study of British literature and will include a variety of genres and significant themes. The purpose of this course is to allow the student an opportunity to acquire:

    • Read closely to analyze and evaluate all forms of (i.e. complex literary and informational) texts.
    • Construct task-appropriate writing for diverse purposes and audiences.
    • Design and implement concise and sustained research tasks focused by questions and understandings of rigorous and relevant topics.
    • Collaborate and communicate effectively in a range of discussions, responding appropriately to diverse perspectives.
    • Communicate information, reasoning, and supporting evidence that conveys a clear and distinct perspective.
    • Employ the components of language (including conventions and word choice) effectively in written or spoken form.
    • Exposure to significant British literature through various genres.


    Remind 101: text @conrad12th to 81010 


    Google Classroom Class Codes- Most work is distributed through GoogleClassroom and it is an integral part of British Literature

    2nd period - 0lgb6tz

    4th period- w7w15j8

    7th period- do88co



    Unit Recovery-Unit Recovery is done at the end of each unit and a half sheet will be sent home with students. To qualify for a retake of an exam students must turn in all missing work from the unit, come in for a tutoring session, schedule a test session before or after school, and have the unit recovery sheet completed, signed, and turned in.


    Supplies needed

    school issued laptop




    sticky notes



    optional: art supplies for projects 

    Remind 101: text @conrad12th to 81010