Department of Foreign Languages

    McDonough High School

    French & Spanish I, II, 


    Philosophy of Modern Language Learning

    According to the Georgia Department of Education and its Georgia Performance Standards guidelines, language and communication are the essence of all that is human.  The world of the 21st century is one in which all people must learn to communicate both culturally and linguistically with others around the world.  The goals of the language classroom are to provide the student with the skills necessary to perform competently in another language other than his/her own and to communicate effectively in the global community and marketplace.  Also, the student will become more aware of his/her own culture and the cultures of others as well as enrich his/her life by increasing his/her appreciation for language and culture.

    Course Objectives

    The objective of this course is to develop skills in the four traditional skill areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  In addition, the course will provide students with the ability to view, absorb, and evaluate material from non-print sources as a means to promote an appreciation and understanding of the Spanish speaking people, their culture, and their civilization.

    An important component of language classes is the use of language beyond the classroom in the real world.  The integration of technology is an important tool in assessing authentic information in the target language and providing the student the opportunity to interact with native speakers.


    Themes Covered in the Language Classroom


    Typical Level I & II students will exhibit varying degrees of proficiency.  We will cover the following themes in order to develop the various language skills necessary for effective communication as outlined by the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS Standards):

    ☯ Self                                                                                ☯ Family and Friends

    ☯ Foods, Meals, and Restaurants                                          ☯ Numbers

    ☯ School and Classroom Routines                                         ☯ Colors

    ☯ Time and Calendar                                                           ☯ Weather

    ☯ Celebrations                                                                    ☯ Clothes

    ☯ Customs and Etiquette                                                     ☯ Geography

    ☯ Homes                                                                            ☯ Parts of the Body

    ☯ Sports and Leisure Time                                                   ☯ Stores and Shopping


    Classroom Expectations

    I have high expectations for my students to succeed in my class.  In order for this to happen, the students are expected to follow a few guidelines pertaining to classroom behaviors and study habits.

    All students are expected to succeed.  Every opportunity to learn is afforded the student while still maintaining a relaxed, fun atmosphere as long as the student comes to class each day prepared to learn.
     Students must come to class prepared.  Students should have with them their notebook and a pen or pencil (black or blue ink only).  Additionally, all homework, when assigned, will be due at the beginning of class. Students will be expected to participate in all class activities. Students will need to have computers charged before class begins as well.
    3.    The class will be taught in Spanish and English.  Students will be expected to pay attention and listen even when they don’t understand.  Listening is very important when learning a foreign language. In order to increase understanding of the Spanish language, it is vital that the student listen and at the appropriate time respond in Spanish.

    4.    Students must keep an organized Interactive notebook.  This notebook will include all handouts, quizzes, homework assignments, test results, and class notes.  

    5.   Students are expected to be honest with all members of the class, including the teacher.  It is understood that all work will be the student’s own work. Using a cell phone or any other electronic device for the purpose of completing a test, quiz, or any assessment may be considered cheating. Cheating of any type is a serious offense and will be dealt with severely in accordance with Henry County policy.

    6.  Students will not bring candy, food, or drinks into the classroom according to McDonough High School policy.  This is extremely important since everyone will have electronic devices out in the classroom when the teacher deems it a technology appropriate day. Water is acceptable as outlined in the student handbook but must be kept in the student’s book-bag and not on his/her desk.

    7.  Students will remain in their seat during class time except during certain activities as directed by the teacher.  When the bell rings students must be seated and ready to work.

    8.  Electronic devices should not be out during class time.  It is a distraction from your learning process.  This includes headphones! I will make an announcement at the beginning of class to put them away and afterwards I will write you a discipline slip regarding insubordination.

    9.  Charging your devices should not occur in my room either.  I am not a data center! It is also a dangerous situation as I walk around the class a lot and do not want to trip.

    10.  All restrooms will be open between classes so students need to take care of these needs between class as to not miss class instruction!  


    Classroom Procedures

    Procedures are put into place in order for the classroom environment to cater to learning.  It is necessary to establish these early to keep the classroom an efficient place to work. Procedures are different from rules.  They are simply the way in which something is done. Students will be required to follow all procedures while in my classroom.

    1.      Pencils are to be sharpened before the class begins, otherwise ask for permission in Spanish.  Bring your own – you will need it daily!

    2.      All trash is to be disposed of after, not during, the lesson. No eating in the classroom or drinks without bottle tops.

    3.      Upon entering the classroom each day, students will work quietly at their own desk completing the warm up activity that relates usually to a previous lesson.

    4.     Tardiness will not be tolerated.  If you are tardy and have a pass from an administrator, quietly put the pass on my desk and go to your desk and begin the assigned work.  An unexcused tardy will be handled in accordance with McDonough High School tardy policy.

    5.     When returning from an absence, enter the classroom in accordance to the prescribed procedure and put your excuse on my desk.  You may pick it up at the end of class. All assignments missed during an excused absence are to be made up in the number of days that you were absent. 

    6.      Any missed tests or quizzes should be made up as soon as possible.  After returning to school from an excused absence, see me to make arrangements to take the test or quiz. 


    Grade Evaluation

    I do not give the student a grade in this class.  The student earns his/her grade based on the percentage of the material he/she masters.  Evaluation is based upon student performance in all four modes of communication: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  In accordance with Henry County policy, grades will be valued as follows:


    Assessments (test, performance tasks, projects) 40%

    Practice & Quizzes 40%

    Course final Average  80% of final average

    Final Exam 20% of the final average


    Ms. Bong’s Classroom Rules

    There are uniform classroom rules for the entire school and can be found in the student handbook.  They apply to and will be enforced in every classroom and throughout the school.

    •   Be on time ( the door will be closed after the last bell ring)                                                                                                                                                                        
    •   Be prepared ( bring all necessary material)      
    •   Be on task at all times            
    •   Be respectful to everyone in the classroom and in the school
    •   Be responsible for your own work and actions  (Turn your work on time)
    •   Cell phone usage, food and drinks consumption are prohibited in the classroom
    •   Dress appropriately (follow school dress code)


    Consequences for non compliance to the rules

    • Verbal warning and/or seat change

    • Personal conference

    • Parent call

    • Referral to the administration

    • Detention or ISS



    Class Materials Needed

    1 three ring binder or spiral notebook and a folder  Pencil(s) and/or Pen(s)

    I hope that all of you are as excited for this school year as I am.  We are going to learn a lot together. Walk in the room each day knowing that I am here to provide you with the best educational opportunity possible and, most importantly, come in the classroom ready to work!


    If you should need to reach me for any reason, I can be contacted by email at pelagie.bong@henry.k12.ga.us  or by telephone at (770)957-3943.