Personalized Learning

  • An introduction to personalized learning: https://youtu.be/GD-QhNjQlFE

    Personalized Learning at PCE: Design Team Presentation

                Our classroom is a personalized learning classroom.  There are some aspects that we will use all day, while others will only be used during Social Studies.

    All Day:

    • Flexible Seating: Students will have the freedom to choose where in the classroom they are going to complete their work.  As a result of this there are no, or limited, assigned seats.  In order to have a designated place for our materials each student will need a create to keep their materials in.  Students are also allowed to bring in their own form of alternative seating: camp chair, bean bag chair, yoga balls, or even pillows.  We will not start these types of seating until the 3rd week of school, so that we can learn the expectations and routines of our classroom.

    • SOP: SOP’s are standard operating procedures. These will be created over the first few weeks of school with students to determine what behaviors are expected with each aspect of our day.

    • Behavior & Academic self-monitoring: Every day your child will record in his/ her homework folder a self-evaluation of his/ her academic successes and concerns for the day, along with the number of dojo points they have earned up to that point. Please sign this every night and discuss progress with students.


    • To start the year we will be using playlists and prescriptions to determine how we complete our assignments. The most awesome part of personalized learning is it allow the students voice and choice in how they learn the content they are expected to master.  We will be discussing how to make choices that are best for us as individuals