• Geometry

    Instructor: Marco Romanelli

    E-mail: marco.romanelli@henry.k12.ga.us

    You can watch my video. I apologize ahead of time, Hollywood is not calling.




    COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course is the second course in a sequence of courses designed to provide students with a rigorous program of study in mathematics from the Georgia Standards of Excellence. 


     First semester:                                                      

    Unit 1: Similarity, Congruence, and Proofs       

    Unit 2: Right Triangle Trigonometry                      

    Unit 3: Circles and Volume                                    


    Second semester:

    Unit 5: Quadratic Functions

    Unit 6: Geometric & Algebraic Connections

    Unit 7: Applications of Probability



    Calculator (TI-36X Pro is recommended)

    3 ring binder with set of dividers




    Notebook Paper

     no cellphoneNo Cellphones. They MUST be stowed so that you can learn and get things done!



    GRADING POLICY:  Course final average- Students will be assessed on mastery of standards.  Students will be given a number of assessments per standard and the top several are kept and averaged.  Students will be able to see exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are by referring to the standards.  The goal is for students to be more conscious of what they are working on and to encourage them to strive for mastery.

     This course is a yearlong course.  The grades will be cumulative throughout the entire school year.  This will allow students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of standards throughout the year.


    • Tests: 40%      
    • Classwork/Homework: 40%     
    • Exam/EOC: 20%

    Course Average: Made up of many assessment grades throughout the year

    End of Course Assessment:  Assesses ALL units


    ATTENDANCE:  Attendance is extremely important.  When you have an excused absence, you have the same number of days that you were absent to make up an assignment or a test.  You assume the responsibility to make arrangements to make up a test and securing all notes.   Class time will not be spent getting you caught up if it interferes with the instructional time of other students.


    ASSIGNMENTS:  Each student is expected to attempt, complete, and check every assignment.  Mathematics is learned by practice; therefore, expect homework every night. Homework is checked for a grade. It is permissible to discuss problems with other students or relatives. It is not permissible to copy another student’s work. Students are expected to check their answers at home and come prepared to ask questions in class.


     TUTORING:  I am available to help you and to answer your questions when needed.  It is imperative that you let me know immediately if you are having difficulty. Tutoring is available during study hall and after school.  There are additional resources/links/videos available on the website in Google Classroom.  Please visit this website and explore the resources.



     *All students will receive Chromebooks during fall semester.  More information is forthcoming from the school.




    1.  Show Responsibility    

    2.  Be Ready          

    3.  Be Respectful


     Success in mathematics depends on effort NOT ability.