Germaine Brooks

    title I
    Title I District Literacy Instructional Lead Teacher
    Phone: 770-898-8587

     WELCOME to the 2019-2020 school year  & welcome to my Title I Literacy page!   Please refer to this page for  Updates and News in  Title I and ELA.  For resources, you will need to refer to the LILT Resource page.
                  My Mission:

     As the Title I District Literacy Instructional Lead teacher, my mission is to support teachers and provide opportunities for reflection of their instruction, professional growth, collaboration and implementation of effective practices that will foster student growth and positive change in school culture.

    2019-2020 Title I Literacy Instructional Lead Teachers

    ELA Resources

    Suggested ELA Sites and Activities


    Learning is like a 5 Course Meal


    Comparative Chart: Guided Reading, Literature Circles, Strategy Groups, and Book Clubs




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