• Grade 5 Science  

    Grade 5 Science Teaching and Learning Standards

    Grade 5 Science Learning Progression

    The Fifth Grade Georgia Standards of Excellence for science engage students in investigations of scientific concepts. Students are active learners and use hands-on activities to discover and explain phenomena. They understand that science is a process for gaining knowledge about the natural world and are able to conduct experiments and report their findings in the form of written reports, charts, and various other presentations including multi-media projects. Their scientific explanations emphasize evidence and begin to use scientific principles, models, and theories.

    Fifth graders keep records of investigations and observations and understand why they should not alter records. They use numerical data to describe and compare objects, convert the fractions to decimals in scientific calculations, and identify the largest and smallest possible value of something. They use reference books, magazines or newspapers, and computer databases to locate scientific information.

    Students at this grade level are able to identify the causes of some of Earth’s surface features, explain the difference between a physical and a chemical change, investigate electricity and magnetism and the relationship between them, use scientific procedures to classify organisms, understand the difference between behaviors and traits, contrast the parts of animal and plant cells, and argue from evidence on how microorganisms can be beneficial or harmful to other organisms.