• Grade 4 Science

    Grade 4 Science Teaching and Learning Standards

    Grade 4 Science Learning Progression

    The Fourth Grade Georgia Standards of Excellence for science engage students in constructing meaningful models that allow them to gain understanding of the natural world. They speculate about observations they make. They add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers on paper, mentally, and with calculators. They list common materials for making simple mechanical constructions and for repairing things.

    Fourth graders gather and interpret data and use records, tables, or graphs to identify patterns of change. They write instructions and make sketches that allow others to carry out a scientific investigation. They determine whether or not a comparison is fair if conditions are different for each thing being compared. They question claims or statements made by people outside their field of expertise. The students will use these skills to compare and contrast the physical attributes of stars and planets, model the effects of the relative motion of the Earth and moon around the sun, use weather charts/maps to predict weather events, conduct investigations about the water cycle and understand their relationship with heat energy, communicate information about the nature of light and sound, study the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on an object, and describe the flow of energy in an ecosystem and the roles organisms play in a community.