• Grade 2 Science


    Grade 2 Science Teaching and Learning Standards

    Grade 2 Science Learning Progression

    The Second Grade Georgia Standards of Excellence for science engage students in raising questions and seeking answers about the world around them by making observations and exploring phenomena. At the appropriate times, students will ask, “How do you know?” and will attempt to answer the question. They will use whole numbers as well as basic fractions (such as one-half and one-fourth) to identify and analyze scientific data. Second graders will find sums and differences of single digit numbers and then justify the answer. They will give rough estimates to problems and estimate lengths, weights, and time intervals. They will explain to others how to solve numerical problems related to a science activity.

    Second grade students push, pull, and manipulate things to see what will happen. They study the changing patterns of the moon and the sun and its effects on Earth. Second graders conduct simple investigations to understand that no matter how parts of an object are assembled their overall weight is the same as the total weight of the parts. They understand that heating and cooling cause changes in the properties of the materials. They observe changes caused by weather, plants, animals, and humans to the environment and study the life cycle of different organisms.