• asep


    Daily Schedule

    The following schedule is a typical day for the ASEP. However, the schedule may vary slightly to accommodate the size of the program and the grade level of students: 

    1. Attendance, restroom, snack, break 

    2. Physical activity 

    3. Study time, homework, reading and math activities 

    4. Enrichment activity 



    Light snacks will be provided each day. Snack examples include: 

    - Crackers/Cookies Ice Cream Vegetables/dip 

    - Milk or Juice Muffins Applesauce 

    - Popcorn Yogurt Fruit 



    The Afterschool Program stresses the importance of homework and sets time aside every day for the children to complete their homework assignments. Afterschool instructors are available to supervise the homework area and to assist the children with their work, however, a child who needs individual help with his or her homework must ask. Because of the number of children who require assistance during homework time, the instructors are unable to check each child’s homework for accuracy or provide the type of one-on-one homework help that is available form a private tutor. Although we encourage the children to do their homework during homework time, using the time set aside to complete homework is the responsibility of the child. Instructors will not be responsible for checking agendas or making sure all items are correct. This is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian.