• Gifted Education
    Henry County Schools provide gifted education services to K-12 students who have the potential for exceptional achievement. The curriculum of thematic units is academically based in science, social studies, mathematics and language arts, while integrating fine arts, vocational awareness, and technology. Special Activities in Gifted Education (SAGE) enhances and extends curriculum. Some Henry County Elementary Schools have TAG (Talented and Gifted) classrooms taught by certified gifted education teachers. These classrooms provide accelerated learning on a daily basis instead of the pull-out resource model.  Students must qualify within state guidelines for gifted program eligibility and placement using assessment tools that meet Georgia Department of Education standards of validity and reliability. The goal of the gifted education program is to provide educational opportunities and experiences to help students extend their learning, develop individual potential, enhance their self-concept, and become independent learners Below are helpful websites for you and your child.


Last Modified on August 4, 2020