What is the objective of the Innovation Champions program?

    The Innovation Champions Program will be comprised of a body of pioneering educators who are committed to leveraging technology in our district. This team of 75, up to two teachers from each school, will participate in targeted professional development that focuses on the adoption of transformational instructional practices powered by digital tools and resources. 

    Why should I participate?

    • Support professional learning goals
    • Promote professional growth
    • Spark instructional ideas
    • Engage in a professional learning network with other classroom innovators 
    • Share innovative ideas with colleagues
    • Become a Google Certified Educator and/or Trainer

    What will the Innovation Champion be required to do?

    • Demonstrate, on a regular basis, the use of technology in the classroom to improve teaching and learning
    • Observe instruction delivered by coaches/mentees and provide constructive feedback
    • Build excitement and motivate peers in shifting their use of technology to higher levels using the SAMR model
    • Contribute to the planning, development, communication, and implementation of personalized learning at the school
    • Collaborate with peers about innovative digital tools and resources
    • Engage in continual learning to deepen content and pedagogical knowledge in technology integration and current and emerging technologies
    • Regularly evaluate and reflect on professional practices to improve and strengthen the ability to effectively model and facilitate technology-enhanced learning experiences
    • Facilitate and/or attend conferences, meetings, and trainings

    What support will I receive?

    • Face-to-face professional development provided by Google, HCS Instructional Technology Specialist, and others (July 18, 2018 – Kickoff; Additional dates will be communicated at kick-off)
    • Access to professional learning support for integrating Google in the Classroom and preparation for Google Certified Educator assessment
    • Access to peers, coaches, and mentors who will provide feedback
    • Paid registration to the Georgia Educational Technology Conference (based on point level achieved)
    • Opportunity to earn technology resource(s) for classroom use based on the level of completion in the program

     What are the advantages of this project to Henry County Schools?

    • Increased number of technology experts in our schools
    • More transformational uses of technology in classrooms
    • Improved student engagement and enhanced student learning