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What do you need to wear to graduation????

  • What to Wear to Graduation


    Note: White stoles worn during graduation are owned by the school and reused each year in an effort to keep costs of cap and gowns low for students.  Students will receive their white stole the night of graduation in their line-up rooms and will return the stoles after the ceremony to school staff in exchange for their diploma.


    Click on the link above to access a detailed letter about the expectations of attire at graduation.

    Message From Dr. Ellis

    Senior Celebration & Graduation Expections/Decorum:

    WHS Senior Celebration is Sunday, May 19, 2019 at Community Bible Church on Jodeco Road and the Graduation Ceremony is Friday, May 24, 2019 at 7:30pm at the WHS Stadium.  Parents are invited and encouraged to attend the Senior Walk as well as this will be the 3rd year that we will go to Woodland Elementary and Woodland Middle Schools to celebrate!  

    We would like to remind everyone of the policies and expectations regarding these formal and ceremonial events.  Students should not decorate graduation caps and gowns in any way. It is our expectation that the only additions to graduation gowns will be the approved stoles, cords for recognized honors, earned through WHS, listed in the graduation program, or small pins representing approved clubs and other organizations. To ensure that appropriate stardards for the ceremony are maintained, student attire will be inspected by teachers and adminstrators prior to the ceremony.

    Ladies, please remember that heels are prohibitied on the turf field.  This poses a significant risk for ankle and leg injury as the turf field cannot support heels.  It is advised that you please wear wedges or a flat shoe.  The greater the surface area of the sole of the shoe, the better.  Please note: this is a problem for me as well so I will also be making adjustments as well.

    Expectations for proper dignified behavior will be maintained during the ceremony. Students will not be allowed to possess beach balls or other inappropriate items. If they do so, they risk having their diplomas withheld for insubordination and inappropriate behavior. Family and friends are strongly encouraged to support the graduates, but large signs that obstruct the view of others as well as artificial noisemakers are prohibited. In additon, please be respectful and do not participate in prolonged cheering for your loved one, causing other families to miss hearing the names of their loved ones as they are being announced during the graduation ceremony.

    We look forward to a wonderful, stately celebration for the Class of 2019, and we apprecieate your cooperation with these policies and procedures so that everyone can enjoy and appreciate the ceremony.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Shannon Ellis





    Graduation Ceremony Decorum for Students

    Commencement is a special and significant occasion in your life. Many of your family and friends will come from near and far to witness this momentous event. Our faculty, staff, and administrators have planned the program and arrangements with thoughtful attention to make this an impressive and enjoyable ceremony for all graduates and spectators.

    Please follow these decorum guidelines for commencement:

    • Arrive one hour and 15 minutes before the ceremony at 6:15pm
    • Report to your assigned room (you will need to check the posted room assignments when you arrive at the school on Friday receive this information at graduation practice)
    • Wear appropriate attire with graduation gown.
      • Gentlemen should wear a white shirt, tie, dress pants and dress shoes (NO JEANS/SNEAKERS).
      • Ladies should wear a dress of the same length or shorter than graduation gown (no particular color since it should not be showing under the gown)- please wear wedges or flat shoes.
      • All Henry County dress code rules apply to graduation. Grads who wear prohibited articles will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.
    • Wear appropriate shoes. Gentlemen should wear dark, flat dress shoes. Ladies should wear dark flat shoes; however; wedges MUST not be taller than 3 inches. Wearing flip-flops, sneakers, boots, or high heels taller than 3 inches will cause grads to be removed from lineup. Grads who wear prohibited articles will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.
    • Graduation caps and gowns should not be decorated by students or parents in any way. If you have any questions, please see Dr. Ellis.


    1. Tickets- In case of inclement weather, each graduate will receive 4 tickets to be used in the gym for the next day. More details to follow. The tickets will be distributed at the end of practice on Thursday, May 23rd if rain is in the forecast for the day of graduation.
    2. Graduation May 24, 2019-6:15pm-The graduation ceremony will be held at the WHS stadium (weather permitting). You will need to report to your designated room on the 200 hallway. (GRADUATES ONLY). Do not bring purses, hair products, or any other personal items to be left in the room or taken to the field.  You will not be permitted to go to the classrooms after the graduation ceremony. However, if you have received honor stoles and chords, bring them to wear along with your cap and gown (MAKE SURE YOU IRON YOUR GOWN CAREFULLY). Be on time…you will not be permitted to join your class in line once we start proceeding to the field.
    3. Graduation Ceremony-7:30PM WHS Stadium-During the ceremony you will receive an empty diploma cover. You will need to pick-up your diploma in the gym immediately after the graduation ceremony.
    4. Participation in both Baccalaureate and Graduation is not mandatory. You may participate in one, two, or neither. If you decide not to participate in the graduation ceremony, your diploma will be available for pick-up in the Counseling Office on Tuesday, May 28th.
    5. Graduation Practice-Practice is mandatory for those choosing to participate in the graduation ceremony. Graduation practice is May 23rd at 9:30am. Report to the gym on time.

    Graduation practice will last as long as needed. However, you will determine the length of the practice by being on time, following directions, and cooperating with WHS faculty. We also have several things that must be accomplished at practice and if you work with us and are cooperative, we should be done by 11:30am. WE WILL NOT BE COLLECTING FEES/FINES DURING GRADUATION PRACTICE OR THE DAY OF GRADUATION. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS BY MAY 22nd TO AVOID CONFUSION AND NOT BEING ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE END OF YEAR SENIOR ACTIVITIES AND GRADUATION.

    ***You may NOT decorate your cap and gown…I know, I know!!!***                                          


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