• 1. Make Sense of Problems and Persevere in Solving Them
       " Think and don't give up." 
    2. Reason Abstractly and Quantitatively
       "Think about numbers in many different ways."
    3.Construct Viable Arguments and Critique the Reasoning of Others
       "Explain your thinking convincingly." 
    4. Model with Mathematics
       "Think about your world in symbols, graphs, words, diagrams and numbers." 
    5. Use appropriate tools strategically
       "Think about whether you should use a graph, calculator, etc." 
    6. Attent to Precision
       "Think intentionally and thoroughly." 
    7. Look For and Make Use of Structure
       "Think about how well math fits together." 
    8. Look For and Express Regularity in Repeated Reasoning
       "Think about patterns & predictions."