• What our Day Looks Like

    No matter the grade, our classroom schedule and flow is pretty consistent across all grade levels. Mrs. Shaw and I work closely together to ensure there is consistency and quality instruction throughout the week.
       Monday we devote our classroom instruction to whole group (teacher directed) instruction with some cooperative group interaction. We take this day to introduce the skill for the week. Typically there is a short mini lesson to model the new skill to the students. The remainder of the time we allow for students to work in cooperative groups to practice the skill, and we walk around to assist as needed. 
       Tuesdays through Thursdays we dive straight into Guided Reading and small group rotations. Each day your child is at a different center. One day they are with us participating in Guided Reading on their individual reading levels. The next day they might be at the Technology center where they are able to get onto Raz Kids Reading and listen and read different books based upon their level and take quizzes on them. The last rotation is word work. At this center they may be practicing the skill for the week or reviewing a previous skill from weeks before. They have the opportunity at times to work together with other classmates as this allows them to enhance their skills as they either explain it to another student or have a student explain it to them. 
       Fridays are dedicated to our assessment day. We spend a few brief moments reviewing the skill of the week and allow students to ask questions if they need clarification. Then students are off to showing us what they know. This gives us an idea of what skills they need more practice in as well as informing us on the skills they have mastered. 

    That is what our week looks like in a nutshell. Most of the time this is what our classroom day looks like. However, there are some weeks that we may have to modify our schedule to accommodate the school wide schedule such as short weeks or other events that may be going on during their normal pull out time. 

    We both love working with your student and are amazed at the progress we are seeing. Thanks for all your support at home, we most certainly could not do all this without you.