• High Bar Reading Challenge


    The High Bar Reading Challenge is Luella Elementary School's way of reaching the 25 Book Standard or 1,000,000 words within the Georgia Performance Standards. The GPS requires students to read 1,000,000 words during each year of fourth and fifth grades. Through the High Bar Reading Challenge, students track their progress toward this goal, demonstrate evidence of having read the books, and gain a love for reading. Students are encouraged to be creative in demonstrating their reading, the sky’s the limit!


    Below are suggestions for ways you might give evidence of your reading.  Students may suggest other examples and have them approved by their teacher or Mrs. Freeman.


    Advertisement to read the book

    Audio taped Summary

    Biography of the main character

    Letter to the author

    Newspaper Article


    Discussion with teacher or Mrs. Freeman

    Cartoon including important book information

    Crossword puzzle

    Classroom Test or Quiz with a grade of 80 or better

    Display with summary

    Journal of thoughts while reading the book

    AR test with a grade of 80 or better


    Letter to a character

    Add a chapter to the book

    Story board



    Graphic Organizer


    Review of book

    Research report

    Log kept while reading the book

    Song lyrics

    Diorama with summary

    Flow chart sequencing important events in the story

    10 questions and answers about the book

    Shadow box with summary of book

    Memo to an important character


    All demonstrations of evidence of reading the text should include the title and author of the book and details such as plot, characters, setting, problem, and solution to demonstrate knowledge of the book.  Teachers and Mrs. Freeman will decide if enough evidence has been displayed by the student to sign off on his or her High Bar Reading Challenge log. 


Last Modified on August 12, 2010