• Hi RSE Students! 

    We made it to the last week of school!  I think most of you know now that I am retiring this year.  I will miss you all so much.  I hope you have learned some things in music class and that you have enjoyed our music songs and activities.  Please email me to say goodbye if you haven't done so.  Love, Dr. Walker 

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    5th Graders, please take a look at this presentation and consider joining one of the arts in middle school.  

    5th Grade Fine Arts Presentation   

    May 11:  Here's a fun music/science activity for you--a musical xylophone made with glasses and water. Fill 7-8 glasses with different amounts of water.  You can add food coloring to the water for more fun. Use a spoon to tap the glasses and make a song.  The more water you put in a glass the lower the pitch will be.  

    Musical Glass Xylophone

    I really miss seeing all of you. I've added some hilarious old cartoons with classical music for you to watch this week.  Keep trying these links and websites and you can let me know what you think.

    I've had some great music creations sent to me from the game "Isle of Tune".  It's under the games for March 31.  Give it a try,  students love this!  Email Dr. Walker

    Below is cat #3, Gizmo!

    Dr. Walker and Gizmo

    Below is the oldest cat, Esmeralda. 

    Dr. Walker & Esmeralda  


    Here is another one of my cats, Sophie also known at B.K. (Bitty Kitty)

    Dr. Walker and Sophie

    May 6:  Here are some classic cartoons which use famous classical pieces of music play be the orchestra.  Hope you enjoy them!

    Bugs Bunny..."Leopold"

    Bugs Bunny--A Corny Concerto

    Bugs Bunny--Franz Liszt

    What's Opera, Doc?

    The Barber of Seville

    The Pink Panther in "Pink, Plunk, Pink"


    April 29:  More music game websites for all the wonderful RSE students!

    The New York Philharmonic Kidzone  Different games for you to try

    Whack-a-Note Game This is for 4th-5th graders to practice their staff pitch names--it it fun!

    Disney Now  Many stories, songs, and games to choose from!

    Musical Memory Game  See if you can play back the pitches that you hear in the correct order

    Orchestra Instrument Game  See if you know which instrument that you are hearing



    April 22:  Here are some more fun videos to watch on musical concepts or songs:

    Forte Piano

    Presto Largo

    Crescendo Decrescendo

    Major Minor

    A Hippo in My Locker  3rd-5th graders should recognize this song!

    Valentine Mystery 5th graders should recognize this song!


    April 15:  The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids website has lots of interesting things to listen and watch. 

    Click on this link: Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids

    Click on RED Learn and Listen tab and you can watch and hear some great music.  You can hear how different instruments sound.  You can read about great composers and listen to their music.

    Click on ORANGE  Activities tab and you can get instructions on building your own instrument.

    Click on the YELLOW Visit the Symphony and you can also watch and listen to great music.  The link for the Meyerson Virtual Tour is at the bottom in the gray section "Watch & Listen".


    April 3:  Hi guys, Ms. Livermont just sent me this YouTube video with Beethoven's 5th Symphony done by bicycle riders.  Older students, notice the dynamic markings.

    Beethoven's 5th Symphony/Bicycles


    March 31:  Here is a super fun game where you can be very creative in making you own music!

    Isle of Tune Game  (2nd-5th) You can create roads with cars, houses, trees, lights, flowers.  When the cars drive by these things, you can create some awesome music and beats.  You can save your creations and email them to me.  Email Dr. Walker


     For K, 1st & 2nd Grades: Continue to have fun with these music games!

    (3rd-5th can also try them out and help a younger brother or sister)

    PBSkids Games to Try


    March 25: Here are some great YouTube videos made by the company that I get most of our music from. I know you will like themHeadphones

    Quarter Note

    Give it a Rest

    High/Low Song


    Every Good Boy Does Fine

    Ode to the Treble Clef


    March 23: I recorded a video of me and Gizmo (my cat) at the piano that you can watch.  The name of the piece is "How Great Thou Art".  Click on this link: Piano  You may have to click on a movie key grip icon that comes up to see the picture. Email me to tell me if you were able to see it! 

    Email Dr. Walker


    Please continue to use the links below that were added last week.


    March 19: Try out these websites and have fun!

    For 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades: Learn and practice your music reading skills

    The Staffs, Clefs, and Ledger Lines

    Notes and Beats

    Measures and Time Signatures

    Rests and Beats

    Dots and Ties


    March 16: Music activities can be found on this link 



    You can contact me via email at lori.walker@henry.k12.ga.us if you need additional assistance. 


    You can use the following links to access our music.


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