• The Important Thing...about 9 Influential Americans!
    Standard: SS3H2 
    Instead of memorizing facts and taking a test, 3rd grade Gifted students will recreate Margaret Wise Brown's famous "The Important Book" with a focus on Americans that helped gain more rights and freedoms for our democracy.  Students have read about, researched, and participated in classroom discussions about these Americans.  They will use the information learned, and additional research if needed, to choose the MOST IMPORTANT thing and 3 other details about each American.  The template below is a good rough draft, but the final version should be written as a paragraph.  
    Important Book
    Checklist for Success 
    When you are able to answer YES to these questions, you are ready to turn in your assignment!
    1. (to be done at home) Did you create a cover page using the construction paper Mrs. Brewton gave you?  Your cover page should include the "The Important Book of Famous Americans" and your name.  You may add any other decorations or words. Show your CREATIVITY!
    2. Did you include one page for each of the 9 famous Americans?  Paul Revere, Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Mary McLeod Bethune, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Cesar Chavez - the pages can be plain copy paper, notebook paper, or any other writing paper.
    3. Did you review your research notes, what we discussed in class, and your classmates' presentations (on Wednesday) to decide on the MOST IMPORTANT fact about each American? 
    4. Does each page follow the example above, but written as a paragraph?  It should include the most important thing, 3 more facts, and end with the most important thing (just like the book does)
    5. Is each page written using your own words?  Plagiarism is wrong!  Don't steal someone else's words.  
    6. Did you attach all your pages so that no pages fall out or get lost?
    Your Important Book is due on Thursday, December 15th
    * This is an independent product - please no group work 
    *You may finish nearly all these steps at home independently, but do not finalize it until you hear your classmates' presentations in class on Wednesday.   
    *Here's a link to the video we watched in class on Tuesday 
    *This teacher has a website that may be helpful 
    Student-Created Video Presentations
     Eleanor Roosevelt