• Henry County Schools is requesting proposals to create a strategic partnership with an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and services / implementation provider to deliver an integrated human resources and finance system.
    Interested parties should respond to the Request for Proposal (RFP) by clicking the link below:


    Questions related to this RFP should be sent to the RFP administrators at henryrfp@henry.k12.ga.us   Responses provided by HCS to any offeror will be posted below. 



    Questions & Answers: 

    Please confirm details to include time and physical location for in person attendance of the January 10th RFP pre-bid meeting.

    The pre-bid meeting will take place at Henry County Schools main Board of Education building. Details below:

    Pre-bid meeting

    Location: Henry County Schools

    33 N. Zack Hinton Parkway

    McDonough, GA 30253

    Room: Main Board Room

    Date: January 10, 2017

    Time: 1:30 p.m. EST

     Please fill out the information below, I can have a representative reach out to you to answer your questions.  
    •   Number of Employees:
    •   Company Name:
    •   Full Name:
    •   Title:
    •   Zip Code:
    •   Phone Number:
    •   Email:
    •   Timeframe to implementation:

    Thank you very much for your reply.  This formal competitive proposal process requires that any communication take place via this email address (rather than through phone, etc.) so that we can provide all questions and our answers to those question to the Proposal's website found at https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Page/105665

    Please find answers to your other questions below:

    •   Number of Employees: 6,000
    •   Company Name: Henry County Schools (Georgia)
    •   Full Name: Brian Blanton
    •   Title: Assistant Superintendent for Technology Services
    •   Zip Code: 30253
    •   Email: henryrfp@henry.k12.ga.us
    •   Timeframe to implementation: 



    RFP Posted

    December 7, 2016

    Pre-Bid Meeting

    January 10, 2017

    All final questions from vendors to HCS

    January 19, 2017 

    Answers to vendors from HCS and all addenda issued (if necessary)

    February 2, 2017 - communicated via web site 

    RFP responses due

    February 23, 2017

    Vendor presentations

    March 16, 2017

    Evaluation Committee Meeting

      March 23, 2017 

    HCS Board Study Session Recommendation

    April 12, 2017

    HCS Board Meeting

    April 17, 2017

    Contract Negotiation Begins

    Week of April 17, 2017

    Project Start

    July 2017


    December 8:  Checking on status of NDA, if you don’t mind. NDA must be executed in order for me to begin working with our Proposal Response Team.
    December 12:  I am hoping you or your assistant can provide me with the contact in your legal department who was sent our Mutual NDA for review 2 weeks ago.

     In order for me engage resources to review the RFP for initial questions for the Jan 10th meeting at HCS, I need the NDA in place or in the works. Because of the upcoming Holiday break, this is time-sensitive.

     If I don’t receive a response from anyone today I will call over to the Legal Department and ask around.


    On December 1, 2016 we forwarded the Non Disclosure Agreement to our legal compliance office to advise as to whether one of the proposal administrators could sign.   In turn, our legal compliance office sent this to our outside legal counsel for review and legal advice.  I inquired on the status of your NDA request on December 8, 2016 based on your followup question that day and was informed that a member of the office was checking on the status of this request.  Since that question was sent to an email address other than one stipulated for RFP communication, we did not reply directly to that message but we did forward that internally for an update.  I have not heard back but will forward this message to them also and ask for a status update.

    As stipulated in the RFP, all questions from proposers and our answers to those questions will be posted to the proposal's webpage.

    December 14, 2016: Quick update.  We asked our legal compliance director to follow up again this morning.  She called but counsel was not in the office.  She has asked him to answer to question as to whether or not we can sign or to give me a call directly to discuss.  We will let you know when we have confirmation. 

     Question:  Can you tell me how many full-time vs. part-time employees you have? This would include teachers.
    Total FT employees             4,926
    Total PT employees             1,502

    Question:  How many offices/buildings will the software be used at? -
    Answer:  There are approximately 50-55 locations (this includes schools and central office)
    2)      How many users will need access/licenses to the software? - Henry County Schools employees approximately 6,000 staff who could possible need access to employee portal-like information.  Access to the financial part of the application would be in the 150-200 range (I may need to verify this, if you need more clarification)


     In the Scope of Work section on page 5, the last bullet says: The vendor will design a tiered level of support for HCS.

    Can HCS elaborate on what the expectations are for the vendor that HCS has in this area?

    ·         In the Interfaces section on page 7, the RFP states that the following systems/functionality will be replaced by the new ERP system.  The RFP lists SoftDocs and MyDocs. 

    Can HCS elaborate on how it functionally utilizes each of these systems?  What HCS personnel utilize these systems and in what capacity?