Revised Proposal Timeline (based on vendor requests for proposal deadline extension)
  • RFP 67510-93-01

    Henry County Schools is requesting proposals to create a strategic partnership with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and implementation provider to deliver an integrated human resources and finance system.
    Interested parties should respond to the Request for Proposal (RFP) by clicking the link below:


    Questions related to this RFP should be sent as specified in the RFP document.   to the RFP administrators at   Responses provided by HCS to any offeror will be posted below. 

    Pre Bid Conference Call

    On Monday, November 13, 2017, a pre-bid conference call was held.  During the call, company representatives were asked to send an email indicating their presence on the call.  Companies responding include:

    Tandem Conglomerate

    Sierra-Cedar (Workday Partner)

    CherryRoad Technologies (Oracle Partner)

    Hayes Software Systems

    Spellman Consulting Group

    Aspire HR

    Tyler Technologies


    K-12 Solutions Group

    Phoenix Business Consulting


    Harris School Solutions

    USL Financials 

    QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Answers to questions sent to the HenryRFP email account prior to the final questions deadline of November 15, 2017.

    Question:  Would you please consider extending the due date two weeks so we can thoroughly review your requirements and prepare a response?

    Answer:  Your request for a two week extension will be considered by the HCS team and addressed during the  pre bid conference call at 3:30 p.m. EST on Monday 11/13/2017. 

    Updated Answer:  We have extended the due date by one week.  Based on this extension, RFP responses are due by midnight EST on December 8, 2017.

     Question:  We are requesting a 2 week extension to submit a quality response, especially given the upcoming holidays.

    Answer:  We have extended the due date by one week.  Based on this extension, RFP responses are due by midnight EST on December 8, 2017. 

    Question:  Is it possible to get all the forms and attachments as separate documents for downloading? This would prevent us from having to work with documents that have breaks in them.

    Answer:  We do not have a compiled set of forms and attachments to provide.

    Question:  We have a couple of questions to ensure that our proposal is complete.

    1. If a current Henry County vendor is also a strategic partner of our firm, how would HCS like to see the full proposal and costs?  For instance, SoftDocs is currently a partner of both parties and would HCS want to see other options, either vendors or upgrades?
    2. Does Henry County Schools want to see proposals that include a time and attendance solution that is fully integrated as well?  If so, how many employees would HCS anticipate being on such time and attendance solution?

    Answer 1:  If your proposed solution to our requirements includes the services to a strategic partner, we will need the full costs to the district from both or all vendors clearly identified and included as a single proposal – not submitted as separate proposals.  Please refer to the language in the first paragraph of the “Cost Proposal and Pricing” section of the RFP for specific guidance.

    Answer 2:   We are interested in seeing time and attendance solutions proposed as options to the core product.  Such a proposal should address integration and integration costs.  Employee counts are included to another question in this Q&A.

    Question:  Will you be posting a recording? [of the pre bid meeting]

    Answer:  No. We did not record the pre bid meeting.

    Question:  I’ve noticed that the instructions for completing Proposal Section 9: System Requirements (pg 33) are incomplete. Can these be restored, and can this document be sent to us as a separate document?

    Answer:  It is correct that for Proposal Section 9 – System Requirements, the instructions section is incomplete.  The full description should read:


    In this section of the proposal response, the Vendor must indicate whether its current proposed system meets the individual requirement by entering either a "YES" or "NO" in the response cell provided.  

    For this purpose, “YES” indicates the vendor’s standard software meets and/or exceeds the requirement and the stated functionality is in the current general release of the software. 

    “NO” indicates the vendor’s software does not and cannot meet this requirement.

    Additional information or further explanations may be added in the “Additional Information” column.   In “Additional Information”, a vendor may indicate that a future release will satisfy the requirement for no additional cost if they are certain such future functionality will be in the general release of the product within 12 months of contract date. Custom quotes for software modification to meet a particular requirement must include a description of the necessary modification and the dollar amount of all associated costs. If the requirement can be met with a third party product, “Additional Information” must include the name of the third party product and all associated costs. Any such cost must be included in the “Cost Proposal & Pricing” section also.

    An answer of “Needs More Information” will not be accepted. Please avoid the use of boilerplate product information. “

    We are answering all questions through this website as specified in the RFP.  We will not be able to send as a separate document.

     Question:  We currently have the following questions:

     Is the project budgeted or are you looking to determine budget after the presentations?

    • Is the budget year end July 2018?
    • Why was the previous RFP not awarded? Was the previous RFP a budgeted project? 
    • Who were the vendors that responded to the previous RFP?


    • The project is budgeted
    • Our fiscal year ends June 30.
    • The previous RFP was not awarded because we lacked sufficient information to provide the kind of comparison between vendors we would like to see.
    • We received responses from: CSI/Harris, Tyler Technologies, Workday, and PowerSchool.

    1. Can you please provide the following:

    -    Total number of employees

    -    Total number of full-time employees

    -    Total number of part-time employees

    -    Total number of substitute teachers

    2. Have any potential vendor solutions been overviewed or demonstrated for the School? If yes, can you list the vendors? 


    1. Number of employees at present:

    • Total full-time and part-time: 6,428
    • Full-time: 4,926
    • Part-time: 1,502
    • Substitutes: 700

    2. Yes, all of the vendors who responded to the previously posted RFP as referenced in a question and answer above presented onsite.

    Question:  HCS has not listed any requirements for Time and Attendance in the RFP.  By requiring Time and Attendance in this RFP, HCS will be paying for it somewhere within the single integrated ERP solution whether the Time and Attendance system fits your needs or not.


    1. With this said, could you answer if the following are needed at Henry County Schools within the Time & Attendance solution?
    • Ability to track various contract hours for non-exempt salaried employees to ensure straight time, comp time and overtime is calculated properly for anything worked over their contract?
    • Ability to track “shortfall” for non-exempt employees?  For example, a non-exempt employee who is contracted to work 35 hours per week but only works 34, 1 hour of shortfall should be triggered and backfilled based on district policy?
    • Ability to track extra duty time separate from contract hours and processed in the correct order so that any overtime incurred is charged to extra duty no matter the day of the week worked?
    • Ability to track multiple jobs and multiple approvals?  For example, Teacher and Tutor time must be tracked separate and sent to possibly 2 different managers or multiple managers based on funding source?
    • Ability to track multiple calendars for 9, 10, 11 and 12 month employees (Start and Stop dates as well as holiday or scheduled days off)?
    • Configurable reporting?
    • Ability to track labor hours to grants and special events?
    • Ability for days to be donated between employees electronically in the system as allowable by the district policies and procedures?
    • Allows multiple approvals in the workflow engine?
    • Ability to integrate with substitute management system to:
      a.  Transfer employee absences?
      b.  Transfer substitute schedule tying them to the teacher they are working for?


    1. Will HCS select a Time and Attendance system that does not fit their needs, solely based on the selection of the ERP vendor?  If not, would you consider best-of-breed submissions for Time and Attendance to ensure the system fits the needs of HCS?


    1. Some of those functions are needed.
    2. A system that meets our needs is preferred over one that does not.