• Warren                     Warren

    I have been a part of the Eagle’s Landing family for more than a decade. During this time, I have been blessed with the opportunity to wear multiple hats. I've worked in the classroom teaching students of all levels. I've served as graduation coach and helped students reach their goal of walking accross the stage. I currently serve as Assistant Principal, where I help to support the structues that promote fair educational access and opportunity for all students in our building. Throuhout my career, I have helped guide thousands of young people as they navigate the unique opportunities and challenges high school provides. As a teacher, it was always my goal to create an active learning environment for my students. I found that students were able to learn by observing and taking notes, but their most deeply felt and long lasting learning took place when I was able to create opportunities for them to get their hands “dirty”. In order for my students to reach their potential, I structured my classes to encourage and require participation and active learning. I continually found ways help my students make connections between the concepts we discussed, the material they had learned up to that point, and to their life experiences. I think most importantly it was my goal to help them see how the education they earned helped inform their decisions as adults and helped them become the people they dreamt of becoming. 

    During my years serving as Graduation Coach, I was afforded the opportunity to learn how the stuctures in place in our building outside of the classroom function. I worked to implement programs to benefit our students and improve those that were already in place. I’ve sought to find solutions where I saw a need and helped streamline processes within our building were possible. As Assistant Prinicpal, I seek to help our school be a place that serves our community and educates students to reach their ultimate goals. Each day, I am thankful for the opportunity to work with our ouststanding staff, awesome students, and caring community to make this happen.  I am glad to be in the RACE and here to help however I can. Please see my contact information below and let me know if there is any way that I can help you. 


    Richard Warren

    Email: richard.warren@henry.k12.ga.us

    Telephone: 770-954-9515 Ext. 121

    Please contact me if you have question regarding any of the following departments.
    - Administrator for Students with Last names (A-F)
    - Administrator for events for Cohort 2023
    - CTAE (Career Technical and Agricultural Education)
    - ESE (Exceptional Student Education)
    - Facilities and Maintenance