• Title I Staff Members

    Stockbridge Middle School is one of 25 Henry County Public School that is funded with Title I academic resources. As a Title I school we are able to provide academic resources to our students and their parents. Here at SMS we have an Instructional Lead Teacher Mrs. Elizie; a Title I Math Teacher Ms. Hollie; a Title I English Language Arts Teacher Ms. Crum; a Title I Math Tutor Ms. Ranson; and a Title I Parent Involvement Professional Mrs. Lacy. The Title I Team is here to support the academic needs of SMS students. Below you will find the Title I Team website links as well as a brief description of their position. Please take a moment to visit our teacher's websites and the helpful resources they have provided to help assist our student's in the classroom as well as at home.



    Mrs. Jay-Elzie Title I Instructional Lead Teacher


    As the Title I Instructional Lead Teacher (ILT), I have the pleasure of working alongside all teachers to improve instruction via professional development, additional instructional resources, in-class modeling and observation, co-teaching, on-going feedback, and continuous collaboration and planning. It is my goal to ensure success for each student at Stockbridge Middle School by working to prepare students for the next level. The ultimate goal is to see them excel in high school and progress to college, the armed forces, or in today's workforce. 


    Ms. Hollie Title I Math Teacher


     Title I Math is provided to help students that need additional support in their math foundation. Math enrichment uses a program called ST Math in the classroom. This program is accessible to all students in the school to help with strengthing their basic math skills. Title I Math also use other learning platforms to help assist our middle school student's various needs. Each student is assessed every 9-weeks to chart the academic growth of each student selected for Title I Math. 


    Ms. Crum Title I ELA Teacher 

     Title I Reading Enrichment is designed to help students improve and increase their reading ability. The READ 180 Program by Scholastic is the primary source used in the Reading Enrichment class. READ 180 is designed to meet individual needs in reading and writing skills. In addition, students learn a variety of strategies for both reading and writing. These strategies are tools they use to help them excel in their other classes. The ultimate goal of literacy instruction is to build a student's comprehension, writing skills, and overall skills in communication.


     Mrs. Lacy, Parent Involvement Professional

    Parent and Family Engagement is one of the pillars that help support the family in academics. I will keep you informed of all events and volunteer opportunities at our school throughout the year. I am available M-F from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm in the Parent and Family Resource Center. Workshops, Parent information nights, Power Parents, and academic school events are some of the ways you can become involved in your students’ academic environment.

    The Parent Resource Center is also available for parents to check out FREE academic materials, books, games, to help assist students at home. The Resource Center also has computers and printers to help assist parent’s that may have other needs. Looking forward to meeting you at our next school event!