• Henry County Schools is requesting proposals to create a strategic partnership with an equipment vendor and service provider to deliver computing power in the form of End User Devices – laptops and/or Chromebooks – and to deliver ongoing
    turnkey top‐to‐bottom support services (covering software and hardware) for these devices to the students, teachers, and staff. Interested parties should respond to the Request for Proposal (RFP) by clicking the link below:


    Questions related to this RFP should be sent to the Contract Administrators at techrfp@henry.k12.ga.us.  Responses provided by HCS to any offeror will be posted below. 

    *UPDATE* (2/2/2017) 
    There has been a change to the Schedule of Events.  The new schedule below replaces section 1.5 of the RFP. 

     Board presentation will be March 8, 2017 and contract will be finialized on or about March 15, 2017.

    *UPDATE* (12/16/2016)

    It has come to our attention that there are unforeseen delivery delays.  Therefore, the district will accept bid proposals that have a guaranteed delivery date and time by Noon, December 16, 2016.  Proof of delivery date and time must be sent to the techrfp@henry.k12.ga.us email address.  




    The last phrase in section 3.4, B, 6 re: "data migration" is the result of a pasting error.  Bidders do not have to respond to the below phrase.

    "specifically assisting the district in preparing its users for data
    migration (i.e. any training documentation, tip sheets, or other resources)."


    Addendum #1
    Henry County Schools has received a "Letter of Eligibility" from Microsoft re: their "Shape the Future" program (see attached letter).  Please be aware this should affect pricing levels based on discounts to the operating system. 

    Questions & Answers 

    Q: Will it be acceptable to place only a partial bid for this RFP?

    A: Bidders are allowed to respond to any and\or all line items.

    RFP References:
    Page 2 (Award section)
    Page 10 , section 2.0, G
    Page 20, section 3.6, A

    Q: Is attendance at the bidder's conference on Friday, December 2nd necessary?
    A: Attendance at the bidder's conference on Friday, December 2nd is not required in order to respond to the RFP.

    Q: Are bidders allowed to respond to the RFP in partnership with other bidders?
    A: Bidders may respond to the RFP either in partnership with other bidders or as sole bidders.

    Q: Is there a distribution list for communication regarding the RFP?
    A: All communication will be posted via our web page at http://tinyurl.com/techrfp.

    Q: Is remote access to the bidder's conference on Friday, December 2nd possible?
    A: Remote access will not be available at the bidder's conference on Friday, December 2nd. 

    Q: Are you accepting partial bids? 
    A: Yes.  The District reserves the right to accept or reject any part of a submitted bid, to accept the entire proposal from one Bidder, to accept portions of the proposal from several Bidders, or to reject all submitted proposals.  The District reserves the right to award by line item to more than one Bidder.

    Q: A computer manufacturer warranty is requested under services, does that include accidental damage?  Is it the same warranty for Windows and Chrome devices?
    A: Extended warranty and accidental damage protection options to support and configure end user equipment such as laptops and/or Chromebooks (Section 1.3)

    All procured hardware should have a minimum of 3 year warranty with options to extend to either a 4 year or 5 year warranty for all devices.  All warranties should be priced for 3, 4, and 5 year options. (Section 5.1)

    Warranties should be provided for both Windows and Chrome devices.  Bidders have the ability to provide different warranties for the different device options, if needed.

    Q: Will you purchase a different device for students and teachers?
    A: It has not been determined which devices will be purchased for students and/or teachers.  Required specifications were provided in the RFP for Windows devices for students and teachers.  (Section 5.6 and 5.7)

    Q:  If you decide to purchase Chrome devices, is the infrastructure in place to support this decision?  
    A: Yes, we do google dir syncs and fully GAPS sync.  The framework is done with options for scalability.

    Q: Will training be provided for administrators, teachers, students, and/or parents? 
    A:  There is not a specific request for training in the RFP.  However, bidders may provide training options as an added value line item.

    Q: What do you need included in the Bidder/Contractor Data Sheet?
    A: Please complete all appropriate fields on the Bidder/Contractor Data Sheet found on page three of the RFP.

    Q: According to sections 5.6 and 5.7, a display port is required for both Windows and Chrome devices.  Is the district open to other video port types?
    A: Yes.  The district is open to other video port types (ie - HDMI, Display Port, Mini Display, etc.).  Within sections 5.6 and 5.7, the district considers the term "display port" synonymous with "video port."

    Q: Are you willing to accept one of the devices after the December 16th due date of the RFP? 
    A: Yes.  Sample devices may be submitted until 4:00pm Friday, January 20, 2017. 

    Q: Page 18: B. At least a single page should be submitted for each subsection of Section 5 – Technical Requirements of this RFP describing the proposed solution and the unique features and functions of proposed devices.  Please confirm: Is a subsection defined as the numbered section (i.e. 5.1) or the lettered section (i.e. 5.1.a)? 
    A: A subsection is identified as the numbered section which includes all letters underneath.  For example,5.1 (and all letters underneath 5.1) is a subsection. 

    Q: Page 14: D. Contractor’s and subcontractor’s employees shall be well groomed and in a uniform provided by the contractor with the contractor’s name clearly visible and on the front of the uniform.   How does the District define a uniform?  Does khaki pants with polo shirt and visible name badge with company name on it satisfy this requirement? 
    A: Contractors and subcontractors must appear well groomed wearing professional attire including a name badge with company logo.  Yes. Khaki pants with polo shirt and visible name badge with company name on it would satisfy this requirement. 

    Q: Page 14: G. A safe separation of work areas and occupied areas is required. Please define what is meant by a “separation of work areas and occupied areas.” 
    A: Occupied areas include spaces where students and school staff are working.  Contractor and subcontractor work should occur in a safe manner and should not disrupt school activities.  Work will be coordinated by the district with the contractor. 

    Q: Page 18: 1. Describe how your organization would perform general customer service tasks, such as providing the status of purchase orders, support calls, trouble ticket management, and maintaining inventory information about the District’s account (by District, department, school), etc.  Is it preferred that the partner ties into the district’s existing management system or entered into the partner’s management system?  Who’s hosting it? 
    A: The district does not have a preference whether the contractor ties into the district's system or the contractor's system.  However, if it is tied into the contractor's system, the district would prefer it be a cloud-hosted solution. 

    Q: Page 11 2.6 Debarment Certification - The Bidder shall certify and swear that neither this contractor nor its principals are presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from participation in this transaction by any Federal or state department or agency.  Please advise on how to respond to this requirement. Is there a form to be completed to meet this requirement?  
    A: A form has not been provided for this response.  Bidders may submit a written statement as an exhibit or an attachment.

    Q:  Page 12 2.7 Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act of 2006 Certification.  The Bidder shall certify that the contractor and any subsequent subcontractors have registered with and are participating in a federal work authorization program as outlined in the O.C.G.A. 13.10.91.  Please advise on how to respond to this requirement. Is there a form to be completed to meet this requirement?  
    A: The form can be found at APPENDIX E ‐ Contractor Affidavit under O.C.G.A. § 13‐10‐91(b)(1) in the RFP document. 

    Q: Page 19: 5. Provide a one-page description of the process you would propose to create an initial software image and the process to amend that software image.  Include steps, lead times and expectations of what the district would provide.  Does the District require the partner to actually create the image?  In other sections it states “district provided image”.  Who is creating the initial image and what is the District’s expectation of the partner of maintaining that image post deployment? 
    A: Correction (Section 3.4.B.5): The district will provide and maintain all software images throughout and post deployment. 

    Q: Page 23: 5.2.A Discount from MSRP - Technology rapidly changes and evolves. Bidder to provision and supply OEM equipment and provide discount from MSRP for the life of the contract for the proposed OEM.  Many of the configurations required by the District are not standard products listed on OEMs MSRP list. In order to price effectively, will the District accept fixed prices rather than discount off MSRP to ensure prices remain firm for the duration of the contract? 
    A: Yes.  The district will accept either fixed prices or discount from MSRP.

    Q: Will the District allow VPN to be established in the vendors configuration center?
    A: Yes.  If needed, the district will allow secure connectivity to the district's network.

    Q: Could the District please clarify what is meant by section 2.10.A prohibiting drop shipments?
    A: All items must be delivered by the contractor to each school location on the day of scheduled deployment.

    Q: On the references page (p. 31), under “operating budget” should this be the budget of the entire district, just the annual tech budget, or the budget of the actual project we worked on with the reference?
    A: The district is asking for the operating budget for project worked on with the reference.

    Q: On the references page (p. 31), could you please explain or give an example of what is meant by “Database Platform”
    A: If the bidder performed any database related work at the reference location, please name the platform on which the work was related. 

    1. Section 2.3 of the RFP asks the Bidder to provide a sample contract and states that the District will prepare and negotiate a contract with the selected Bidder. Appendix D of the RFP gives the Bidder the choice of objecting to any contractual term in the RFP.  However, Appendix C of the RFP asks the Bidder to certify that “it is understood and agreed that this proposal constitutes an offer, which when accepted in writing by the Henry County School District, and subject to the terms and conditions of such acceptance, will constitute a valid and binding contract between the undersigned and the Henry County School District”.  If a Bidder submits exceptions/additions to terms and conditions of the RFP that are not accepted by the District, is it the intent of the District to issue an award to that Bidder and require the Bidder to enter into a binding contract without the District either accepting Bidder’s exceptions/additions or coming to a negotiated agreement with the Bidder as to the exceptions/additions?

    No.  The district does not intend to issue and award to the Bidder and require the Bidder to enter into a binding contract without the District either accepting the Bidder’s exceptions\additions or coming to a negotiated agreement with the Bidder as to the exceptions/additions.

    2. Sections 7.1, A, 12) and 7.2, A, 11) state:  Warranty period will begin on the date devices are received by the district.  Due to accounting rules and regulations, Bidder must start the warranty date on shipment.  This date typically only proceeds the delivery and acceptance dates by 2-5 days.  Are you willing to accept the warranty starting on the shipment date?

    A: The district maintains that the warranty period will begin on the date devices are received by the district

    3.  See table below:

    Installation Questionnaire


    Site/Environment Information (Site is one building)

    What is the timeline for the engagement?

    We believe deployment will begin in early August, 2017 and continue for the next several months.  However, a firm schedule has not been determined.

    Does the district require Bidder to develop the schedule?

    No.  The district will develop the schedule.

    Is a roll-out schedule available?

    The roll-out schedule has not been determined.

    Type of environment for deployment? (Office space, hospitals, etc)

    The rollout will occur within school buildings where staff and students are working.

    Is parking available?

    Yes.  Ample parking is available.

    Will the technicians require health checks or immunizations?

    No.  The district does not require health checks or immunizations.

    Will the technicians require security clearance or training classes to go onsite?

    Per section 2.10, B. of the RFP:

    The Contractor shall complete a criminal background check including finger printing,

    GCIC, and NCIC on any employee working on HCS property. Results shall be made

    available upon request.

    Will installations take place during normal business hours? After business hours or Weekends/Holidays?

    Are there any hour constraints (ex: schools are open from 8-3:30)

    The rollout will take place during normal business hours, after hours and on weekends as necessary.  The district does not anticipate work occurring on Holidays.

    Please provide site list with physical sites/number of systems per site?

    The district will provide a site list and number of systems per site during the pre-deployment phase.

    Are all site 50 miles within Major Metro Area?

    Yes.  All sites are located within Henry County, GA.

    How many floors per building?

    All buildings are located on one floor.

    Is there a freight elevator or elevator available?

    Elevators are not available.  However, all equipment will be deployed to one-story buildings on the ground-level.

    Will tech be required to use stairs?

    All equipment will be deployed to one-story buildings on the ground-level

    Are there any safety requirements (hard hats, safety glasses, steel toe shoes, etc.)

    Hard hats may be required in some locations.

    Are there carts available for transporting equipment within a building?

    The district does not intend to provide carts within buildings.

    Are there union restrictions for moving equipment within a building?

    There are no union restrictions for moving equipment with buildings.

    Site contact name and phone numbers available for each site?

    Site contact names and phone numbers will be made available prior to deployment at each site.

    Holiday schedule for each site?

    The district calendar is not available at this time.


    Do you have loading docks? (Lift gate needed?)

    It should be assumed that loading docks will not be available.

    Shipping requirements - Order or Site Consolidation, Delivery on Demand (Warehouse and Redelivery),  Specific Truck Size, Liftgate/Tail-Lift Service, Advanced Delivery Notice, Date Specific Delivery, Weekday Re-Occurring Specific Delivery, After Hours, Depalletization, Inside Delivery, Complete Destination Bundle

    The contractor will work with the district in order to deliver all devices to the district within the deployment schedule to be provided.

    Imaging/Software Requirements

    Are we going to be imaging the units?

    Per Page 19: 5 of the RFP:

    Yes.  The district will provide all images, and the contractor will conduct the imaging process on all devices.

    If yes will imaging be done via our Custom Factory Integration Services or onsite?

    Imaging for the initial deployment at each site may occur either at the contractor’s location or at the district.  The district is asking for proposals as to how this would occur.  The district is also asking for optional services including re-imaging during the summer breaks.

    If not done before units get onsite, where will imaging be done? At each site, at a central location?

    Who will be imaging PC’s? Bidder tech or others?

    If the devices are not imaged before delivery to the district, they should be imaged at each school location.  The devices will be imaged by the contractor.

    Information needed for Imaging done by Bidder

    Image Size?

    The image sizes are yet to be determined.

    How many images do you have?

    The district does not currently know how many images will be provided.

    Has/will image be tested on system prior to installation?

    Yes.  Images will be tested prior to installation.

    Location of image load: Onsite at district location, district warehouse or vendor warehouse?

    Attended Imaging via CD/DVD?

    The district is asking bidders for proposals re: the imaging process.

    Unattended Imaging via Server, District site or Vendor Warehouse?

    The district is asking bidders for proposals re: the imaging process.

    If done via CD the district will need to provide about 10% of CD/DVDs to the total number of units:

    Are there application layering requirements? If so, how many applications will need to be applied during time of deployment?

    Application layering requirements have not yet been determined.

    Any special requirements, computer naming convention, special BIOS setting etc.?

    The district will provide a computer name scheme.  BIOS settings will depend upon the particular device purchased.

    What languages do users require for their desktops?


    How many different languages are needed?

    English is the only language needed.

    Are the applications already pre-packaged for deployment?

    The applications to be deployed have not yet been determined.

    How do you deploy OS service packs and software upgrades?

    OS service packs and software updates will be deployed via Microsoft SCCM and Windows Update Service (WSUS).


    Installation of hardware required?


    What type: CPU and Monitor, just CPU, System only or System with monitor, docking station, etc. setup?

    Per section 7.1, A, 3 of the RFP document:

    Onsite setup\integration of each computer and associated peripherals

    (docking station, cable management, etc.)

    Will a new monitor be purchased with CPU or will old monitor be used? 

    Current Monitors will be used.

    Are there Dual Monitors?

    In some instances, there may be dual monitors.

    Are dual monitor cards required or already installed?

    If bidder proposes laptops equipped with dual monitor capability, there would be no need for additional cards.

    Two (2) existing network printers are in basic installation:  Does district need more installed?

    The district has not determined how many printer connections will be needed.

    Two (2) existing peripheral are in basic installation: Does district need more installed?

    Per section 7.1, A, 3:

    Onsite setup\integration of each computer and associated peripherals

    (docking station, cable management, etc.)

    The district has not yet determined how many peripherals will need to be installed.

    Any other equipment installations needed?

    This has not yet been determined by the district.

    Is Asset tagging needed?


    Is special asset reporting needed?

    Per section 7.1, A, 16:

    Provide detailed list of model types and serial numbers by location after


    Per 8.1, G of the RFP document:

    Assist with distribution of devices to students including input of assets to

    the district’s inventory system.

    Onsite or Off Site trash removal?

    Per 1.3, C of the RFP document:

    Support services including but not limited to installation, configuration, setup,

    support and removal of packaging and trash from delivery site

    Any additional new internal component or new peripheral to be installed?

    Per section 7.1, A, 3 of the RFP document:

    Onsite setup\integration of each computer and associated peripherals

    (docking station, cable management, etc.)

    Any Additional End-User Configuration?

    Per section 1.3, C of the RFP document:

    Support services including but not limited to installation, configuration, setup,

    support and removal of packaging and trash from delivery site;

    Where will new equipment be?

    Per section 7.1, A, 13 of the RFP document:

    Ability to securely warehouse all materials until deployed based on the

    District’s customized deployment schedule.

    If applicable, Transport Equipment between Buildings within Same Campus?


    If applicable, Transport Systems between Installation Site and Warehouse?


    De-Installation Services

    What type of furniture are the desktops/laptops being installed in (on top of the desk, cart, below the desk or in a special desktop holder)?

    Laptops will general be installed on top of desks, within carts.

    Will there be any locks or other security measures in place?  Will we need to unlock? Lock?  Will a special key or combination be needed for these locks?  If so, how many keys do you have available?  Or will the code be accessible to the techs?

    A district representative will be onsite at each location during the deployment should any buildings be locked.

    Transportation of legacy equipment to central location or Bidder provided warehouse for ARS pick up?

    Per section 7.1, A. 9. of the RFP:

    Provide recycling of existing devices & associated peripherals.

    a. Must include appropriate certifications, letters of destruction and

    serial # list. 

    If moved to central location where is that location?  How far from site?

    All sites are contained within the borders of Henry County, GA.

    Do you want us to re-box legacy equipment?  If so will district provide the box?

    The district is not asking for legacy equipment to be re-boxed.

    Are we going to Warehouse Legacy Systems? For how long?

    The district is not asking the contractor to warehouse legacy systems.  However, recycling of legacy systems is required per section 7.1, A, 9 of the RFP document:

    Provide recycling of existing devices & associated peripherals.

    a. Must include appropriate certifications, letters of destruction and

    serial # list.

    Are the systems leased or purchased? 

    The district is open to both options.

    Are we looking at Asset Disposal & Value Recovery (>10 items)  or just Asset Disposal (>25 items)

    Is on-site data wipe required?

    The district is only asking for asset disposal.

    Will there a quarantine period be required?  If so how long?

    There will not be a quarantine period.

    If less then 10 and district is returning to Bidder are additional boxes required (CRT monitors)?

    The district does not need additional boxes.